#WisdomWednesday: Is Rooted Color Right for You?

BeFunky CollageRooted color wigs expertly blend multifaceted tones with darker color depth at the root to create styles with natural-looking color that are full of vibrancy and dimension.

Paula Young carries a large selection of stylish wigs in rooted blonde, brunette, red, and gray shades all at the lowest prices online…150% guaranteed, so you can be sure to find a length, cut, color, and price that’s perfect for you.

In addition, Paula Young’s exclusive Rooted Euro Collection of wigs feature chic, on-trend styles with the latest, most natural-looking rooted colors available, including dynamic and rich must-have rooted shades like Royal Silver, Capri Copper, Swedish Blonde, Milano Brown, Tuscany Toast, and Parisian Blonde.

If you want to achieve a natural look—one that’s modern and stylish and that mimics the depth and dimension of natural hair color—a rooted color wig is the perfect choice for you!

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#WisdomWednesday: Why Choose a COOLCAP® Wig?

coolcapWhen temperatures rise, wearing a traditional wig can be a hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable proposition. But our exclusive COOLCAP® styles make it easy to look and feel fabulous…and beat the heat!

Beautiful and stylish COOLCAP® wigs offer unparalleled comfort year-round—even more so in the height of summertime heat and humidity. The innovative COOLCAP® construction features a lightweight and breathable lace base that allows heat to escape and that also wicks away perspiration, ensuring a cool, comfortable fit all day long.

In addition, each of our COOLCAP® wigs features Paula Young’s exclusive WhsiperLite® synthetic fiber for a soft, lightweight, and natural-looking style that’s shake-and-go ready straight from the box.

Go ahead and keep your cool this summer with a beautiful and breathable heat-defeating COOLCAP® wig!


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#WisdomWednesday: Why Choose a WhisperLite® Wig?

#ww1When you wear a wig, you want it too look natural and feel comfortable. You want it to hold its style all day long. You also want the ease and convenience of shake-and-go stylability.

wlwTraditional synthetic wigs can give you all of these things. But our line of WhisperLite® wigs, with our exclusive WhisperLite® synthetic fiber, has even more to offer.

Because they’re a fraction of the width of traditional synthetic fibers, WhisperLite® wig fibers are exceptionally soft, fine, and light, with the look and feel of real hair. This makes our WhisperLite® wigs comfortable and easy to wear all day long with natural-looking, baby-fine fibers that won’t frizz or droop, regardless of the weather!

And, as with all the Paula Young wig styles you love, our WhisperLite® wigs are shake-and-go beautiful…straight from the box!

For a soft, light, comfortable, and natural look, a WhisperLite® wig is the perfect choice. And we’ve got a WhisperLite® style that’s just right for you, whether you want short, mid-length, or long; straight, wavy, or curly; blonde, brunette, gray, or red!


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#WisdomWednesday: Why Choose a Comfort Stretch Wig?

2Introducing Paula Young’s exclusive, new Comfort Stretch Collection wigs…they’re all about perfect fit and feel! If you’ve struggled to find a wig that feels right, stays put, and looks fabulous, look no further.

COMFORTSTRETCHEach Comfort Stretch wig is made with a breathable stretch cap that helps keep you cool and easily conforms to your head for maximum comfort and a perfect, custom-like fit. Super-soft, lightweight WhisperLite® synthetic fiber keeps each style feeling light and looking beautifully natural.

But comfort isn’t just about feel. It’s also about fit.

And to ensure a secure fit every time, Comfort Stretch wigs feature adjustable tabs that allow you to fine-tune your preferences by 1” tighter or looser at the perimeter. Four flexible combs–one at the front, one on either side, and one at the nape–keep the wig in place for easy, worry-free wear.

With our new Comfort Stretch Collection, Paula Young continues to provide wigs that look great and feel great at purse-friendly prices.

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#WisdomWednesday: Why Choose a Hand-Tied Wig?

hand-tied If you desire a wig that looks so natural that even your friends would think it’s your own hair, you should consider a hand-tied wig. Premium, luxurious hand-tied wigs are constructed with meticulous craftsmanship, with each individual wig fiber hand-knotted to the wig’s breathable stretch-mesh cap. This painstaking process can take up to three days and can involve several artisans to complete a single hand-tied wig, but the benefits are unparalleled.

Unlike machine-made wigs, hand-tied wigs give the wearer the appearance of all-over natural hair growth with natural movement and multidirectional styling options. With a hand-tied wig, you can brush and move the fibers in any direction you choose—just as you would with your own hair! And because they have stretch-mesh caps that are lightweight and breathable, hand-tied wigs feel cool and comfortable all day long.

You might think all this luxury comes with a super-premium price tag, but it doesn’t have to. Paula Young’s exclusive Couture Collection line of 100% hand-tied wigs features chic, affordable salon styles you’ll love. Go ahead…fool them all with a gorgeous and natural-looking 100% hand-tied Couture Collection wig!

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#WisdomWednesday: Which Problem-Solving Hair Piece Is Right for You?

piecesPaula Young® carries a variety of hair pieces specifically designed to solve the problems many women with fine or thinning hair deal with every day. Need to add coverage and fullness to fine or thinning hair on top? Try a volumizer hair piece. Want to replenish the fullness and volume to specific, targeted areas but don’t want to wear a full wig? A wiglet is the perfect choice. Wish you had more length, volume, or texture? Easy-in hair extensions make an instant impact. Looking for a quick and easy way to give your everyday look a put-together finish? A clip-on ponytail is the answer.


Volumizer hair pieces, also known as topper hair pieces, instantly pump up the volume and coverage for fine or thinning hair, giving it a full, vibrant, and youthful-looking appearance. Simply blend a topper hair piece’s natural-looking layers in seamlessly with your own hair to boost body and add coverage starting at the top. Our selection of versatile volumizer hair pieces features a variety of lengths, styles, and fiber types, so whether short, mid-length, or long in easy-care synthetic, super-light WhisperLite®, or heat-stylable VersaFiber®, you can be sure to find an enhancing volumizing hair piece that’s perfect for your needs and for achieving the look you want. Volumizers and topper hair pieces attach securely to your own hair using built-in wig clips and often have integration-style bases with open wefting that allows you to blend your own hair with the hair piece’s fibers for a seamless, flawless look.


Wiglet hair pieces enhance your own thinning hair by adding specific, targeted fullness and coverage exactly where you want it: on the top, crown, front, or back! Available in five coverage options and three fibers—easy-care synthetic, super-light WhisperLite®, and 100% real human hair—you can be sure to find a wiglet that’s perfect for your individual needs. Wiglets attach securely to your own hair using built-in flexible combs and have integration-style bases with open wefting that allows you to blend your own hair with the hair piece’s fibers for a full, flawless, seamless look. Wearing a wiglet hair piece is as easy as 1, 2, 3…simply shake it, place it, and blend it!


Women of all ages and backgrounds are turning to hair extensions to add instant length, volume, texture, and glamour to their existing hairstyles. Hair extensions easily amp up your look and allow you to go from short to long, limp to full and voluminous in a snap. Hair extensions often come in multi-piece kits and attach easily and securely to your own hair using pressure-sensitive clips. Our selection of hair extensions features a variety of lengths in easy-care synthetic and real human hair. Simply clip in for instant impact.


Ponytail hair pieces are fun, fabulous, attach-in-an-instant hair accessories that add polish and flair to your existing hairstyle. In addition, an easy clip-in or wrap-style ponytail hair piece is perfect for when you don’t have the time or inclination to style your hair but still want to look your put-together best. Simply pop on one, and you’re good to go!




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#WisdomWednesday: What Wig Styles Are Trending Now?

BeFunky CollageStyle alert…Paula Young has the latest looks and most trending tresses right here! Check out our designers’ and stylists’ handpicked collection of fabulous, chic, and thoroughly on-trend wig styles that you will absolutely love.

A5015_1223HS8_MLBUWAVES_4389Lightly Tousled Bobs

Chin length or shoulder length, straight, wavy, or curly, the classic bob is an anything-but-basic, always-on-trend style that will never let you down. Trending now, though, are bob hairstyles with a carefree, lightly tousled finished. You can achieve this breezy, beachy look with a new and fabulously on-trend tousled bob wig like our exclusive Malibu Waves Lace Front wig by Jaclyn Smith.

Piecey PixiesA5438_30_ALICE_0549

Short-and-sweet pixie cuts go to pieces in style, thanks to texturized, razor-finished layers. These new and edgy pixie hairstyles take the classic, face-framing pixie silhouette and turn up the attitude…and the volume. A fresh and sassy pixie wig like Alice from Paula Young will have you on everyone’s best-tressed list!

A9570_812A6_SYD_0895Long Layers

Long hairstyles with shoulder-length layers and longer are fabulous, flip-worthy looks that are always on trend. What’s new now is that you can get a long hairstyle in an instant with a natural-looking long wig, and heat-stylable fiber lets you take your luscious locks from straight to wavy to curly and back again! Our Syd VersaFiber® Wig by Paula Young will give you the long look you’ve always wanted with the styling flexibility you never thought possible with a synthetic wig.

Captivating CurlsA5568_22_PAIGE_0937

From loose coils to springy spirals to volume-rich barrel curls, curly hairstyles are so very on trend right now! And you can achieve the look with an easy-care, shake-and-go curly wig. A flirty, carefree curly wig like Paige WhisperLite® Wig by Paula Young will give you paparazzi-worthy hair with enviable volume and tons of touchable texture.


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#WisdomWednesday: Is a Lace Front Wig Right for You?

lacefrontsIf you want to achieve a natural look, one with a virtually “no-show hairline,” you should consider a lace front wig.

Lace front wigs have fibers—synthetic or human hair—that are individually hand-tied to a nearly invisible poly-silk mesh lace section at the front, creating a seamless, completely natural-looking hairline that virtually disappears against your skin.

Unlike the defined, “hard-start” hairlines of traditional wigs, lace front wigs have realistic, low-density hairlines that mimic the look of natural hair growing from your own scalp and allow for off-the-face stylablity, further enhancing the natural look and versatility of lace front wigs.

Paula Young has a wide selection of stylish lace front wigs—including lace front human hair wigs—you’ll love and that your friends won’t even know you’re wearing.

And, of course, Paula Young has the lowest online prices for lace front wigs…150% guaranteed!



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#WisdomWednesday: How to Heat-Style a VersaFiber® Wig?

Watch our latest how-to videos to learn how you can add bouncy curls and beachy waves to a versatile and beautiful heat-stylable VersaFiber® Wig.

How to Add Curls to a VersaFiber® Wig

  • Place your VersaFiber® wig on a mannequin head or a Styrofoam® wig stand.
  • Section the wig’s fibers into three sections: top, middle, and bottom. Use hair clips to keep the sections gathered and separated.
  • Starting at the bottom section and using a curling iron set no hotter than 350˚F, grip the fibers at the ends to secure then gently roll up toward the base. Hold the curl for 10 seconds then gently release into your free hand and use a hair clip to secure the curled section.
  • Repeat this process for the remainder of the bottom section, then the middle section, then the top section.
  • After allowing all the curls to cool and set for at least 10 minutes, remove all the hair clips and release the curls.
  • Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to create the desired look.
  • To add texture and definition to the curls, use wig gel.
  • A light mist of wig hairspray will set the style.

How to Add Waves to a VersaFiber® Wig

  • Place your VersaFiber® wig on a mannequin head or a Styrofoam® wig stand.
  • Section the wig’s fibers into two halves: top and bottom. Use hair clips to keep the sections gathered and separated.
  • Using a flat iron set no hotter than 350˚F, grip the fibers 1″ from the wig base and twist. Keep the flat iron moving and gently draw the fibers through to the ends.
  • Repeat this process but alternate the direction of the twists as you move around the wig. The face-framing sides should both twist away from the face.
  • Once you have completed both the top and bottom sections, use your fingers to shake out the waves and create a tousled, beachy look.
  • Finish and set the style with wig gel and spritz of wig hairspray.

Heat-stylable VersaFiber® wigs will retain their style—whether straight, curled, or wavy—even after washing, so you will need to apply heat, style, and let cool completely in order to change the look. And remember: Styling tools must not exceed 350˚F, otherwise they will damage your VersaFiber® wig. Watch the following how-to videos and follow the easy steps to add bouncy curls or beachy waves to a versatile and beautiful Heat-stylable VersaFiber® wig.

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#WisdomWesdnesday: Synthetic or Human Hair?

Many women think that human hair wigs will be more natural looking. They fear that synthetic wigs will look…well, “synthetic.” This is not true! Each type of wig has its own unique benefits.

syntheticSynthetic wigs are the most popular type of wig because they require the least amount of care and effort to style. In addition, today’s synthetic wigs offer a wide variety of cuts, colors, and constructions—like lace fronts, monofilament sections, and breathable caps—that have a natural, thoroughly modern look and very comfortable fit.

Shorter synthetic wigs are considered “shake-n-go,” meaning that all you do is give them a shake, put them on, and you look great and are ready to go! Longer styles simply need to be combed or finger-styled. Synthetic hair wigs are easy to pack and take with you, and the fiber is resistant to humidity, so the style holds all day long, no matter the weather.

One thing that’s important to remember is that you never use heat on  a synthetic wig! Any heat source, such as a blow dryer, curling iron, or even a hot open oven can damage the fiber and ruin a synthetic hair wig. The only  exception to this rule is a heat-stylable or heat-resistant wig that is made with heat-friendly synthetic fiber like VersaFiber®. Otherwise, keep your synthetic hair wigs clear of any heat.

To care for and maintain a synthetic hair wig, follow these four steps.

humanSoft, silky, natural-looking human hair wigs are extremely versatile because you can style them as you would your own hair and are free to use heat tools like curling irons, rollers, and blow driers to take your look from straight to curly to wavy and back again!

Because they do not come pre-styled like synthetic hair wigs, natural hair wigs require much more time and effort to style. Human hair wigs are ideal if you enjoy, and are skilled at, styling your own hair. Or you may take a natural hair wig to a professional hairstylist who has experience working with wigs and have your natural hair wig trimmed, styled, set, and even permed or colored.

In addition, premium construction options give an even more realistic appearance to natural hair wigs.  Human hair lace front wigs have natural-looking, virtually invisible hairlines, and human hair monofilament wigs allow for a natural parting and appearance.

To care for and maintain a natural hair wig, follow these five steps.

Remember: You’ll look beautiful whether you choose a synthetic wig or a human hair wig. Just pick the option that best fits your lifestyle and the time you have for styling and maintenance.

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