Annual Anniversary Sale

Happy New Year!

Here is to another fun and fabulous year of bringing you the best in hair beauty. We invite you to celebrate with us and enjoy the great savings during our special Anniversary Sale.

Take and EXTRA 20% OFF our already low prices, plus receive FREE SHIPPING.

Check out all the great deals.

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SILVER makeover

Silver hair is sexy, modern and stylish at any age….and lately that age is getting younger all the time! Take inspiration from these gorgeous beauty wigs worn by our model Melanie. The cuts are fabulous in and of themselves, but to go even further and get them in a shade of silver is a major fashion statement. You are sure to turn heads.

Silver hair is sexy!

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#WisdomWednesday: What Is a Wiglet?

A wiglet is a special type of hair piece specifically designed for women who are experiencing thinning hair. Unlike wigs that cover the whole head, wiglets—which come in a variety of sizes and fiber options—can be placed strategically in order to target specific areas of thinning hair and give you coverage exactly where you need it: on the top, crown, front, or back.


Problem-solving wiglets attach securely with combs and are made with open-wefted integration caps, which allow you to blend your own hair with the wiglet’s fibers for a unified and seamless look. Simply position the wiglet wherever you need the most coverage or volume, attach it, use a blending pick to draw small sections of your own hair through the open wefts, and blend.

Paula Young offers 15 wiglet options—five sizes and three fibers (easy-care Kanekalon® synthetic fiber, super-light WhisperLite® fiber, and 100% real human hair)—so that you can find the wiglet that’s perfect for you:

Wiglets give you confidence and the appearance of healthy-looking hair by adding instant volume, coverage, and fullness.

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What is the right color for you?

Our designers expertly blend up to eight individual shades to create dynamic colors with natural-looking highlights and lowlights, depth and dimension.

Matching Your Own Color

Choose a wig color that is close to or only slightly lighter than your own hair color. We have more than 50 salon shades to choose from, so you can be sure to find a hue that suits your skin tone perfectly.

Experimenting with a New Color

Choose a wig color that’s a shade or two lighter or darker than your own color for a subtle change. Or try a something that’s completely new. Have fun and experiment!

Shop by Wig Color

Ready to explore? You can shop our wigs by color! Not sure which color is right for you? Request a FREE color swatch.

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How Do You Determine Your Wig Size?

In order for your wig to fit securely and comfortably, you need to be sure you’ve bought the right wig size. Paula Young carries beautiful wigs in a variety of sizes— mini petitepetiteaveragelarge—so you can be sure to find a style that looks great and fits perfectly.

To determine you wig size, you need to measure your head. Before you measure, though, be sure to flatten your hair. Also use a cloth tape measure to ensure accuracy.

Step 1
Measure Around Head:
Start in front, follow your hairline above your ear, around back to the bend in your neck, around to your other ear, then back up to the front.

Measure Around Head

Around Head

Mini Petite — 20 3/4″
Petite — 21″
Average — 21 1/2″
Large — 23″

Step 2
Measure Front to Back:
Start from your natural hairline in front, then move over the crown of your head to where the back meets the top of your neck.

Measure Front to Back

Front to Back

Mini Petite — 12 3/4″
Petite — 13 1/4″
Average — 14 1/4″
Large — 15 1/4″

Step 3
Measure Ear to Ear:
Start in front of one ear where your hairline ends, then measure up and over the crown of your head to the front of your other ear.

Measure Ear to Ear

Ear to Ear

Mini Petite — 12 3/4″
Petite — 13″
Average — 13 1/2″
Large — 14″

Step 4
Pick a Style:
Choose the size that corresponds to your largest measurement in the size chart. Velcro® tabs inside each wig adjust up to 1″ larger or smaller.

Pick a Style!

Shop Your Size

Shop Mini Petite Styles
Shop Petite Styles
Shop Average Styles
Shop Large Styles

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#WisdomWednesday: Is Rooted Color Right for You?

BeFunky CollageRooted color wigs expertly blend multifaceted tones with darker color depth at the root to create styles with natural-looking color that are full of vibrancy and dimension.

Paula Young carries a large selection of stylish wigs in rooted blonde, brunette, red, and gray shades all at the lowest prices online…150% guaranteed, so you can be sure to find a length, cut, color, and price that’s perfect for you.

In addition, Paula Young’s exclusive Rooted Euro Collection of wigs feature chic, on-trend styles with the latest, most natural-looking rooted colors available, including dynamic and rich must-have rooted shades like Royal Silver, Capri Copper, Swedish Blonde, Milano Brown, Tuscany Toast, and Parisian Blonde.

If you want to achieve a natural look—one that’s modern and stylish and that mimics the depth and dimension of natural hair color—a rooted color wig is the perfect choice for you!

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#WisdomWednesday: Why Choose a COOLCAP® Wig?

coolcapWhen temperatures rise, wearing a traditional wig can be a hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable proposition. But our exclusive COOLCAP® styles make it easy to look and feel fabulous…and beat the heat!

Beautiful and stylish COOLCAP® wigs offer unparalleled comfort year-round—even more so in the height of summertime heat and humidity. The innovative COOLCAP® construction features a lightweight and breathable lace base that allows heat to escape and that also wicks away perspiration, ensuring a cool, comfortable fit all day long.

In addition, each of our COOLCAP® wigs features Paula Young’s exclusive WhsiperLite® synthetic fiber for a soft, lightweight, and natural-looking style that’s shake-and-go ready straight from the box.

Go ahead and keep your cool this summer with a beautiful and breathable heat-defeating COOLCAP® wig!


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#WisdomWednesday: Why Choose a WhisperLite® Wig?

#ww1When you wear a wig, you want it too look natural and feel comfortable. You want it to hold its style all day long. You also want the ease and convenience of shake-and-go stylability.

wlwTraditional synthetic wigs can give you all of these things. But our line of WhisperLite® wigs, with our exclusive WhisperLite® synthetic fiber, has even more to offer.

Because they’re a fraction of the width of traditional synthetic fibers, WhisperLite® wig fibers are exceptionally soft, fine, and light, with the look and feel of real hair. This makes our WhisperLite® wigs comfortable and easy to wear all day long with natural-looking, baby-fine fibers that won’t frizz or droop, regardless of the weather!

And, as with all the Paula Young wig styles you love, our WhisperLite® wigs are shake-and-go beautiful…straight from the box!

For a soft, light, comfortable, and natural look, a WhisperLite® wig is the perfect choice. And we’ve got a WhisperLite® style that’s just right for you, whether you want short, mid-length, or long; straight, wavy, or curly; blonde, brunette, gray, or red!


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#WisdomWednesday: Why Choose a Comfort Stretch Wig?

2Introducing Paula Young’s exclusive, new Comfort Stretch Collection wigs…they’re all about perfect fit and feel! If you’ve struggled to find a wig that feels right, stays put, and looks fabulous, look no further.

COMFORTSTRETCHEach Comfort Stretch wig is made with a breathable stretch cap that helps keep you cool and easily conforms to your head for maximum comfort and a perfect, custom-like fit. Super-soft, lightweight WhisperLite® synthetic fiber keeps each style feeling light and looking beautifully natural.

But comfort isn’t just about feel. It’s also about fit.

And to ensure a secure fit every time, Comfort Stretch wigs feature adjustable tabs that allow you to fine-tune your preferences by 1” tighter or looser at the perimeter. Four flexible combs–one at the front, one on either side, and one at the nape–keep the wig in place for easy, worry-free wear.

With our new Comfort Stretch Collection, Paula Young continues to provide wigs that look great and feel great at purse-friendly prices.

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#WisdomWednesday: Why Choose a Hand-Tied Wig?

hand-tied If you desire a wig that looks so natural that even your friends would think it’s your own hair, you should consider a hand-tied wig. Premium, luxurious hand-tied wigs are constructed with meticulous craftsmanship, with each individual wig fiber hand-knotted to the wig’s breathable stretch-mesh cap. This painstaking process can take up to three days and can involve several artisans to complete a single hand-tied wig, but the benefits are unparalleled.

Unlike machine-made wigs, hand-tied wigs give the wearer the appearance of all-over natural hair growth with natural movement and multidirectional styling options. With a hand-tied wig, you can brush and move the fibers in any direction you choose—just as you would with your own hair! And because they have stretch-mesh caps that are lightweight and breathable, hand-tied wigs feel cool and comfortable all day long.

You might think all this luxury comes with a super-premium price tag, but it doesn’t have to. Paula Young’s exclusive Couture Collection line of 100% hand-tied wigs features chic, affordable salon styles you’ll love. Go ahead…fool them all with a gorgeous and natural-looking 100% hand-tied Couture Collection wig!

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