74 year-old looks great as a blonde!

74 year-old looks great as a blonde!

74 year-old looks great as a blonde!

The following letter is from a Paula Young customer.  Look how fantastic she looks!  And she keeps company with some impressive people! 


I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with the quality of your wigs.  When my hair dresser cut my hair too short, I decided I had to wear a wig until it grew out.  Since my hair is still dark at 74 years old, I thought I would try a blonde one instead, just for fun.  

I have been wearing your wigs for many years now and people are constantly asking where I get my hair done and telling me how great it looks – no one can believe my age and think that I’m at least 20 years younger than I am.   

Not only are your wigs comfortable, easy to wear and look fabulous; for traveling they can’t be beat.  I can just give them a good shake, put it on and run my fingers through it a few times and I’m ready to go.  I wear them constantly and only go to the hair dresser to get my hair cut occasionally. 

Thank you so much and I have given your catalogs to all my friends and now many are also starting to wear them.  I’m the only one who tells, but I like to share good things with others.  For fun, I’m sending you some pictures.

The first one in the black dress was taken when I was modeling in a fashion show, 2006.  The one with Bill O’Reilly was taken in about 2005 and the last one with Mitt Romney was taken in the spring of this year.  See, your wigs go everywhere.




Yvonne with Bill O'Reilly

Yvonne with Bill O'Reilly

Yvonne with Mitt Romney

Yvonne with Mitt Romney







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40 Responses to 74 year-old looks great as a blonde!

  1. In my last three catalogues I do not see the wigs with permatease and permalift….I am looking to buy one.

  2. Karen says:

    Can I go swimming in a pool wearing a Paula Young wig? Would it ruin the wig? Would it be obvious to other swimmers that I am wearing a wig?

    How I long for a “swim wig!”

  3. hairsolutionsfortoday says:

    You can swim in a wig – and other swimmers would not know it was a wig. If it is synthetic it will bounce right back into shape!

    • Abhinav says:

      I must say Mae you are truely an inosriatipn to me!!! I have always had long really thick beautiful (RELAXED) hair. The thing is this I knew I had nice hair but when it was time for a relaxer I would get depressed because my hair grew so fast!!! So by week 4 I needed a perm and you of course have to wait at least 6 weeks!! I was so tired of being bound by my hair!! I didn’t feel pretty if my hair wasn’t bone straight.. I didn’t want to go anywhere because of new growth.. So one day I decided if not having a perm was causing me to be an emotional wreck why not just go natural?? So that’s what I did! I went natural for 7 months. But for me the transitioning process was rough because my hair was already very thick even with a perm. So eventually I grew tired and backslide. This is my second time going natural but this time I did the BC YES!!! about 12 inches of hair gone in less than a minute!! and I must say it was the best feeling in the world to not be bound by hair!!! I was a little nervous about what people would think.. But with your help I am learning so many new things to do to my natural hair!! Thank you for this site!

  4. Betty Nobles says:

    I have been wearing wigs for over 10 years. I had some surgery and my hair never came back completely on top. I like the convenience of wearing a wig. I’m ready to go anytime. I have had numerous ladies ask me who cuts my hair thinking it is my own hair. One day a lady was behind me at a check-out counter and she had taken out her phone and was getting ready to take a picture of my hair when I turned around. I told her where I got it cut, etc. She thought it was my own hair. I finally told her it was a wig and she couldn’t believe it. Today stopped to talk to a stylist about cutting a new wig and he didn’t know I had a wig on. My wig looks very natural. I see so many women that have on wigs and you can really tell it’s a wig. I think because I get my wig styled by a stylist it looks more natural. I know you say wigs only need to be shaken and worn right out of the box but I am living proof that it pays to spend $20.00 or so to get it cut. Make sure the stylist knows how to cut a wig. Next time I’m getting bangs and a hairpiece that looks like Sara Palin’s hair. I’m just hoping it works. I’ll continue to order Paula Young wigs. I tried a local wig shop and spend about twice the money and never wore the wig because they didn’t know how to style it. I’ll stick with Paula Young wigs – I know they are good quality wigs and if you don’t like them you can return them. The wig I bought locally wouldn’t let me return it so I was out $134.00+. When I don’t wear my wig, my hair is long enough that I can wear it in a pony tail. My husband likes it best that way. He says I look cute with the ponytail and I tell him a 68 year old women isn’t cute!!

  5. Betty Nobles says:

    I love Paula Young wigs!!

  6. mary says:

    I have purchased 5 wigs from your catolog/website and 1 human hair wiglet I have the promblem of the wigs frizzing like its been burnt and it is very noticeable is there anything I can do to restorethe wigs

  7. Linda Giorgio says:

    I have purchased 3 wigs online from Paula Young. Unfortunately, the 3rd wig I received was so shiny that it looks fake. I didn’t realize it until I wore it out once and it was noticed immediately as a wig. I am very dismayed about this as I cannot wear this wig again.

  8. Judy says:

    Please bring back your angelina wig

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Will you ever bring back Cora #2380? Also I would like more wigs in large size, particularly short and straight.

  10. Dawn says:

    I’m a 73yr. old who looks wonderful in one of Paula Young’s wigs—–thick hair is youthful! But my problem
    is they have TOO much hair. I’ve only found 1 that I
    can wear. TOO much hair–help!

  11. hairsolutionsfortoday says:

    You could try WhisperLite fiber wigs. They are light and airy and don’t have the feeling of “too much hair.” Of course, you can always have your stylist trim the wig and thin it out where it suits you.

  12. Peggy Swartz says:

    Four years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After having my breast removed and reconstruction done I went through several rounds of cemo. I lost all my hair. I immediately started wearing Paula Young wigs, my favorite being Color me Beautiful in Med. Ash Brown. No one can believe that I am wearing a wig. My family and friends say I look 20 years younger . I am 74. My natural hair has grown back but I have it cut and continue wearing my wigs as they look better and are so convenient as I work full-time in an office and travel often on vacations.

  13. Elaine says:

    I love many of your styles, but often I am disappointed
    that the colors I would like best are not always offer
    in the styles I like. I have recently purchased your
    Yvonne wig in the 60/101-23 color selection and was
    absolutely thrilled with the color. At last a color that
    came very close to my real gray coloring. I know many
    women would like to try a different hair color now and
    then, but I love my gray color and with the exception
    of your gray SIS, too many of them do not go well with my skin tone. (I know because I have purchased a few and have been disappointed). Please, please, please, offer more styles in the 60/101-23 or SIS colors. When I wore my Yvonne wig, my friends and
    even strangers complimented me on my new “hair
    cut” Not one thought I was wearing a wig! It just made
    my whole day.!!! Loosing you hair while in Chemo can
    be a real “downer” but this new wig makes me feel like a million and better that my “old self”. Keep up
    the good work and don’t forget to add a few more styles to the colors I mentioned. Some of us really
    do look “movie star” stunning in those shades.

    • Hi Elaine. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We are constantly evaluating the performance of styles and colors to see if there are opportunities for expansion. Thank you again for your suggestions.

    • Ganga says:

      I have several Paula Young wigs that I just love! When I had no hair from chemo, I had a LITTLE peorlbm keeping them on though. Now that I have some fuzz, they ride up ALL the time and even almost came off during a high wind. How can I keep them from slipping until my hair grows out long enough to make some pincurls to pin them to????

  14. Donna Paich says:

    At last, I have found a venue for feedback! I am 77 years old and have very thin, fine brown hair that has almost no gray and was becoming impossible to deal with 3 years ago when I found your Abby wig and it changed my life. I was able to be on the go in minutes insteady of the 2 hours it took to prepare my hair. Simply wonderful and I have purchased many of these wigs from you and I wear a wig all day every day and get many compliments and folks wanting to know where I have my hair done. BUT, and this makes me so angry I can hardly write. I need the WHISPERLITE because it looks natural to people who knew me with fine hair. And the only size I can wear is MINI PETITE. In all these years you have NEVER HAD ONE OTHER WIG available in mini petite and whisperlite than Abby and 2 years ago you changed the mfgr. for that and it was never the same quality. So I found one other wig in mini petite that I can wear. Petite Passion..but of course it is heavy and strawlike because it is not Whisperlite, but the style is perfect. Why in the world can’t you make it in Whisperlite or make some of the other short styles that are in Whisperlite in mini petite????? I have been alternating between Petite Passion and Abby because I have NO OTHER CHOICE! Even your Deluxe Abby does not come in mini petite. Every time I get an ad or an email from you I almost cry because you have all these sales and say they are on your favorite styles but they are all too big for me!!! It took me a while to find this site where I can voice my complaint. Probably no one will read it because I notice some of the other comments are very old, but I can only hope someone from Paula Young management will reply. As I said these wigs have made a dramatic difference in my life and I hope you can respond to this. Surely there are others who wear mini petite and feel short changed by the lack of choice in that size.

    • Hi Donna, Thank you very much for your feedback. Rest assured, Abby has not changed. She is still made of Whisperlite fiber and she still comes in size Mini Petite. Abby is our #1 style, we would not alter the style or the manufacturer for our most successful style. We do play up and down Whisperlite fiber trying to differentiate one catalog from another, so possibly in our downplaying of the fiber you thought that we had changed the style? Whatever the case, we stand 100% behind all products so if you have a problem with Abby please let us know. As for other mini petite styles we will be adding Vikki (A3435) and Trisha (A5512) to our WhisperLite wigs. They are both best sellers and will be available for purchase on October 26th. We are continually evaluating the performance of styles to see opportunities for possible size expansion. We hope this information is helpful.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I would like to request more wigs to be available in the newest color I received–SF 12/28#6, Honey with Dark Chocolate Brown roots. The old colors are ok but this one made me look new and refreshed.

  16. Mary Kildea says:

    I’ve had an Abby wig for only 4 months and the bangs frizzed like they were burned. It really looks bad. I see where someone else had this problem and wrote to you about it in Oct. 2009 but I don’t see a response. I’ve ordered a new wig but can’t afford to order a new wig every 4 months. Can you tell me please why the frizzing happens and if there is anything I can do about it.

  17. Loretta says:

    I reciently purchased the Giselle wig and was so very happy. I had a lot of compliments on it.
    But the hair keeps falling out on mine and at the nape
    it looks burnt /frizzy.
    I try to be very careful and take good care of it.
    what can I do to fix it?

    • Ghema says:

      I am so disappointed. I have been ordreing and wearing Gentry II in Lg SF51/60 for well over a year and love it. I get so many compliments on it. I came on paulayoung.com today to order more and I find you don’t carry them any more. I tried looking at all other wigs to see if I can find one comparable, and I find that you don’t have even one and the majority of your wigs are only in average. Now I must look somewhere else to try and find one, and I was so high on Paula Young.

  18. DD says:

    Please bring back your Tia wig…….I do believe it’s been discontinued about 10 years.

    Not much hope I suppose since it’s been so long, but I can at least hope. This was the most flattering mid-length wig ever!


    • Patricia says:

      Hi DD. Thank you for your feedback. We are actually working on testing a “brought back” program so stay tuned! You may see the return of some of your favorite styles.

  19. nancy says:

    I adore jacqlyn smiths lace front wigs!! I have medical hair loss and these are the most natural hairlines ever!! I have been requesting that the champagne color come available also with a lighter root color, for we older ladies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these wigs!!! People compliment me always, and do not guess that I am 67 yrs. young!!

    • Patricia says:

      Aww! Thank you Nancy. We are so happy to hear that you are loving your Jaclyn Smith wigs. I’ve passed along your suggestion for a lighter rooted color to our merchandising team too. We’ll see what we can do! Thanks again Nancy and have a great day!

  20. Donna says:

    Please Please bring back Sheer Satisfaction in color 27 Petite.
    I had worn it for a long time and it in now gone. Other websites
    I have tried has cost much money, they will not take returns
    only exchanges. So these have gone to local cancer center.
    There are very few petite wigs. People did not know it was a wig.
    Always was complimented and they wanted to know where I had my hair
    styled. Amazed to find this sight and when I saw you are actually working on
    a “brought back” program I will hold my breath. Please bring back Sheer
    Satisfaction in color 27 Petite. I will buy them all. I have settled on one from
    Paula Young (it is ok) but it is average size, I have to sew to make it
    smaller and that makes it very uncomfortable.
    I am 57 and have to alwayswear a wig.

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Donna- I’ve passed your suggestion along to our merchandising team. We may launch a “brought back” program in the future that would bring back some of our customer favorites, so thank you for your feedback!

    • Barbara says:

      I too LOVED my Sheer Satisfaction wig. When I first got it, I was astounded at how real it looked. I got it in Silvery Moon. It was the best wig ever. I purchased 3, I still have two, but I have almost worn them out. I could not believe how lovely they were. I spend about $5K a year on wigs, and I still have never been able to duplicate Sheer Satisfaction for wearability and believability, and so many wigs look really promising but just don’t deliver. Please bring Sheer Satisfaction back.

    • Mirella says:

      Love the wigs I have bought so far but am very daitppoinsed in the new updated website. When I click to enlarge the picture only stays on the screen briefly. also the other views when enlarged do the same. I like to get a really good look at the style front and back but this is impossible.. The information on each wig is in a better form. I appreciate that.. Is the picture supposed to go away quickly? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Margret says:

      I just received one of Vivica Fox’s wigs and I must say I am erxlemety satisfied! I was so worried that it would just be bulky, heavy, and the color would be all wrong, but I was just so surprised, happy and satisfied! It was a bit scary ordering online, being that I’ve planned a cruise around the end of this month, and was so afraid I wouldn’t get it back in time and I did!Love it, love it!!

  21. Brenda Erdmann says:

    I LOVE your Wispy Curls with headbands hairpiece. I would order one for my mother who has thinning hair but you do not offer it in the color 60 or 60B. I think grays and silvers should be available in ALL of your headband pieces. They are much easier to put on and lighter to wear than a full wig (both problems voiced by several older women). Please make 60 and 60B available in your Wispy Curls piece.

    • Patricia says:

      I’ve passed your suggestion along to our merchandising department. Thank you for your feedback Brenda, we love to hear it!

      • Samya says:

        , why, your not one of them.I told her I loved her ,but I have been one for many years. I had to show her my I.D. They truly are as easy to wear as they say. Shake it out,run your fingers touhrgh it and sometimes a comb. By the way, I turn 67 on the 14th of August,2009THANK YOU PAULA YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jo Ann Luke says:

    I ordered my first wig ( Sheer Abby 2171) in April this year. I was very pleased with color and style. Even though I ordered a Petite it seemed loose and didn’t fit right around the face. I was only able to style one way or there was a large wave at the part. At the time I just thought that’s the way it was supposed to be. Due to a medical condition that causes hair loss I was homebound till I got the wig. I recently ordered the exact same wig as before and this one fits perfectly. The wigs are as different as day and night. It’s so easy to style and I’ve received many compliments on it.
    I think the first one I purchased had possibly been a return from someone.
    I’m so very pleased with this new one and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paula Young to anyone.
    Thank you.

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