A Letter From Mom This Mother’s Day

Dear <insert your name here>,

So Mother’s Day is just around the corner – Sunday, May 13th. And, as your mother, I must let you know that I have appreciated the handmade cards, the “taking out the trash for free” coupons and the boxed chocolates immensely.


This year (and I’m speaking for every mom, grandmother, aunt and woman in general when I say this), please give us something that truly makes our Mother’s Day BEAUTIFUL.

I can even spell it out for you… www.paulayoung.com.

Visit this web site and click on the updated Beauty & Upkeep section. It has a huge variety of products that every mother would love to receive for Mother’s Day (please read that as “get your mother this stuff today”).

The Wig Care Kit is perfect for us moms who wear wigs.

Age spots?  Buy us the Hand and Body Lightening Cream and Lightening Serum.

Sandal Season is upon us. If you buy us the Heel Care Cream our feet won’t embarrass you while we’re in public together.

What’s that you say? You’re sending your mom on an exotic getaway! Thanks so much, and don’t forget to pack me the Bath & Body Travel Bag!

Can’t wait for you to make my Mother’s Day more beautiful than ever!

Love always,

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  1. CAROL ANN WAYTS says:

    i wondered if anyone knows anthing about the paula young wigs ‘esetica’ wigs..they ae a little higher priced and wondered whaat their hair type and constructin is like….thanks c

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