The products you just can’t live without

Once you find the wig that best fits your style, you’re going to want to help it keep its luster. That’s what our Wig & Hair Care section – located under Beauty & Upkeep – is all about!

You see, proper care and maintenance with the right products will extend the life of your wig more than you could imagine! We recommend using products like the Wig Care Kit and 5-pc. Styling Comb & Brush Set to treat, clean and condition your wig, so that it stays looking its very best.

Did You Know?

Did you know that if you wear your wig every day, it should hold for about three months? If you are only an occasional wig wearer, you may get six or- more months of wear. Click here to see if it’s time for you to replace your wig.

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  1. Paula Wray says:

    I want the bangs in my color also please, Easy Bang #A2720 color #10 Med Ash Brown.

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