Great Style Doesn’t End With Your Hair

As a wig wearer myself, I tend to talk a lot about finding the perfect wig to fit your style. But I need to tell you that even though beautiful hair is important, it isn’t everything.

You see, Paula Young can not only help you find the wig or hairpiece that best suits your look, but we can pair it with a gorgeous blouse, a pair of stylish shoes and a matching purse and hat!

Last weekend, my best friend held a baby shower for her daughter at her home. For the event, I wore my beloved Angel Wig by Paula Young. Then I paired my favorite pair of black slacks with the Paula Young Blouse with Necklace in Pink Sorbet. The compliments I received had me smiling just as much as the thought of that precious new baby did!

It’s important to remember that great style doesn’t end with your hair! Think head-to-toe style with Paula Young. Check out our sensational Apparel & Accessories collection – chock full of flattering designs, rich colors and details.

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2 Responses to Great Style Doesn’t End With Your Hair

  1. Rae Tann says:

    I liked the Jessie wig, but is no longer available. It would be great if Paula Young could bring it back.

  2. Myrna says:

    Six days over the return policy and operator Beverly states unable to exchange for a different style. All tags still in place. Too bad no exchange. Just lost a good customer.

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