A Smashing Mother’s Day!

I’m going a little outside the usual blog topic today. I had something happen to me recently that I just needed to share with you – my blog friends!

My children always make sure that my Mother’s Day is filled with happy memories. So, as I slipped on my Angel wig, applied my Age Spot Serum and Forehead Refiner, and added the finishing touches to my makeup, I wondered what type of events my children had planned for the day.

My three daughters (Trisha, Kimberly and Lori), my son (John) and one of my granddaughters (Lily), ended up taking me to dinner at my favorite restaurant. It was my husband’s favorite restaurant as well, and since his passing last May it’s become “our place.”

As we were all sitting enjoying some drinks, some bruschetta and some wonderful conversation we were stunned to hear an indescribably horrific sound followed by screams.

My children (all adults now) immediately bolted from the booth to see what happened – my daughter Kim is certified in First Aid and my other two daughters are avid photographers. I anxiously sipped my wine and made small-talk to help ease my 10-year-old granddaughter’s fear.

Upon arriving back to the table, the girls informed me that a car had actually driven through the front wall of the building, injuring four people in its path. Just minutes before, it was where I had been sitting with one of my daughters.

After fighting breast cancer for years, I thought I had encountered everything, but boy was I wrong!

Was it a stroke of luck or my husband – my guardian angel – who saved us? I’m leaning toward the latter.

I hope and pray that all of the victims are healing well and hope that next year’s Mother’s Day is a bit less exciting.


SMASHING Mother’s Day photos…

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