What do celebrities know that we don’t?

Celebrities aren’t all born with beautiful hair and many lose their hair as they age, just like we do.  But they are skilled at “adding hair.”  Yes, many of them have celebrity stylists who add the hair for them.  But it’s the same idea, whether you do it yourself or have a stylist help you.  The hair can be a full wig, a volumizer piece (you slip it on like a cap and pull your own hair through to add fullness), a ponytail, updo or even a little wiglet.  The celebs do it all the time.  We’ll point it out to you when we see it.  We don’t think they’ll mind! 

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7 Responses to What do celebrities know that we don’t?

  1. Judith Koren-Shanahan says:

    It would help me to know why there are so few styles made for petite heads. I wear a bob with bangs, but I cannot order one from you as they only come in average size. There are other styles I would have ordered, (Haleigh being one of them), BUT again, only in average,
    I would appreciate an e-mail reply to me on this subject. I have bought three of your wigs, and would buy a couple more except I don’t always want another Emily or petite passion.
    Thank you.

  2. hairsolutionsfortoday says:

    We actually have just added petite sizes to two more of our best selling wigs: Cover Girl and Geneva, plus currently, we do offer most of our best selling styles in petite. Our petite offering is the largest of all special size groups.

    You say you are a Bob wearer, have you tried BETH, she is a great layered bob style and she comes in petite size.

    You also mentioned HALEIGH. We have a great New style VIKKI, which comes in petite size. She is a cute style and is selling very well in petite size.

    Currently offer petite sizes in:
    Wisped Away
    Gentry 2
    Petite Passion
    WL Colleen
    Sheer Colleen
    Sweet Nothing
    Deluxe Abby
    Sheer Abby
    7th Avenue
    Cover Girl

    • Dhaval says:

      I have only been a Paula customer for 6 mnoths. Before noticing that I could order a color swatch, I ordered many wigs in different colors and had to return alot. I NEVER had one problem with returns!!! Thank you Paula!!! Great service!!! Yes, like some of you, I would like to see changes in some areas, however I beleive like any business there are pro’s and con’s and when we share what we would like to see different and those ideas are implimented or takin into consideration to meet our needs it’s worth staying devoted to that business. I think Paula is one of those businesses that wants to meet our needs, so over-all I will continue shopping with Paula because I LOVE your wigs!!!!!

    • Gira says:

      I have hair extension and I curelntry sew clips onto the track for easy application. However, it’s a pain in the butt and they’re difficult to keep in.Has anyone here used the hair extension glue? How long do the extensions stay on with glue? And can the actual extensions be reused after glue has been applied? Will my hair become damaged from the glue?Thanks in advance!

  3. Angelo says:

    heyy i put this in fashion buecase nobody answered this when it was in the hair categoryHow much $ for Hair extensions?????Hair extensions??????my hair is not that long it is like to my neck it used to be longer until it got cut. but i want hair extensions that are at least 15 in. do you guys know how much it would cost for it to be professionally done and if i did myself how much would the hair be and my hair is dark brown what color highlights would go well with that color please no blonde and i want a streak of a color what color would look good. and wear can i get feather hair extensions??? please answer thanks please no rude comments!!

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