DIY hair disasters – not with a wig!

The Boston Globe reports that women are attempting do-it-yourself hair styling (cuts AND color) to save money.  Often these DIY attempts have disastrous outcomes, requiring an “emergency” trip to the salon for an expensive recovery process!  I can’t help but think that a wig or hair piece might be just the answer for these fiscally-conscious DIYers.  For much less than the cost of a salon visit, they could buy the exact hair style or color they are trying to achieve – without risking looking like a science experiment gone bad.  What do you think?  Wig anyone? 

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3 Responses to DIY hair disasters – not with a wig!

  1. Thea says:

    An inexpensive wig can be a fun change-up but very often due to their materials and construction method they’re anything but realistic.

    To really look and style like bio-hair, you’ve gotta spend the money….and that’s far more than the ordinary salon visit many times over.

    But for those of us who cannot grow hair at all….well, blonde today, brunette tomorrow or totally bald as the mood suits. Alopecian women have the most choices of everyone…year-round.

  2. Violet Hudson says:

    Have tried using wigs but cannot anchor them properly. Now that I am older and would like to wear one I would like to know how to use it. This is a common complaint with my friends..

  3. Pat says:

    For years, I spent $130 +plus tip every 2 months for a highlighted “do” on my thinning hair. At one point, when my hairdresser was styling me, I realized my hair had thinned so badly, even my comb-over efforts weren’t going to do the trick.

    I finally decided to try a Paula Young wig; same highlighted color, same style but much more luxurious and thick than my hair. It took me a couple of days to feel comfortable and unselfconscious but after receiving my first few compliments, I quickly became your biggest fan.

    My best suggestion would be to “fiddle” with the wig until the style approximates what you would wish for your own hair if it were ideal. A little determination will help you master this. After that, buy an extra and keep the wigs clean and you’re always ready to go out on the town confident you look your very best.

    My daily preparation time has been trimmed by at least 30 minutes. I haven’t spent a penny on my hair for three years. I trim it myself and don’t have to spend money on gels, pomades, color or hairsprays. Paula Young has saved me and my wallet.

    Now, though I have several in various styles (same or similar color) I no longer feel as though I’m wearing a hat. I am able to secure the wigs at strategic spots with good old fashioned bobbi pins. My “hair” can now withstand rainstorms and windstorms and recovers from each quickly with the aid of a brush. And very best of all – I ALWAYS have a good hair day!

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