Baker Beware – How to Avoid Damaging Your Wig This Turkey Day

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Don’t burn the bird- or your wig this Thanksgiving! When it comes to cooking your Thanksgiving meal, I suggest keeping your wig far far away.  The heat from opening the oven will singe the fibers of any synthetic wig and depending on the oven setting may even cause damage to human hair wigs.

I once learned the hard way and now I always wait until my table is set to make myself look presentable.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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7 Responses to Baker Beware – How to Avoid Damaging Your Wig This Turkey Day

  1. DD says:

    I take a white flour sack type kitchen towel and cover my hair (wig) with it and loosely tie it (snood style!) at the back of my neck. It may not look very fetching……but when I remove it and my hair (wig) looks as good as it did before I began roasting that bird, it’s worth it. If anyone laughs I just say I’ve decided to ‘do’ my hair right before dinner.

    It works! (no one shows up early ‘to help’ in my bunch — which is actually a blessing!)

  2. Damsel Shelton says:

    You are not ready for prime time. You are the first company I have purchased anything from in years that does not send their customers a confirmation receipt when they purchase online. Why is my email address required if you are not going to utilized it to send me my confirmation. What do you need it for?

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Ms. Shelton, you were absolutely right! We had been actively working on getting order confirmations sent to all of our customers. This has been completed and you will be receiving an order confirmation within a few hours of your order. Thank you for sharing your opinion!

  3. Indie T Cather says:

    I would really appreciate more petite wigs. You have any number that I would love to buy, but the majority are average.


  4. Georgia Vaughn says:

    So many times I am interested in viewing these wigs online, and can not get your web sites to work. Perhaps you can help me. I click where it says – choose color first, and then size. Well, rarely it work, (just sometimes) I wear a large, so you know how hard that is to find. Few and far between, so I can’t choose just any one I fancy. If I am doing something incorrect, please send me directions as to how to find the information I need online. Thank you for this chance to write, and perhaps get answers. Georgia

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