Bob Cut Wigs: Chic, Shorn & Oh-So Modern!

A bob cut is a hairstyle for women that is typically cut straight around the head, often with bangs or fringe at the front. The bob cut gained popularity in mid 1920 and signified a major social change and the growing independence of women, as fashions moved away from long, ornately dressed hairstyles to short, versatile looks with clean lines. Since then, the bob has remained an incredibly en vogue style because of its versatility and universally face-flattering shape.

But you don’t have to cut your hair or wait to grow it out or forgo the style altogether if you have thinning hair because you can get the modern bob look with fabulous bub cut wigs!

Bob style wigs can be short, falling to about jaw level, or bob wigs can be long, falling to the shoulders. In fact, the recent popularity of long bob cut wigs has resulted in a whole new style called the “lob,” or “long bob.”

Whether short or long, straight or curly, classic or cutting edge, we have bob wigs for every style, face shape, and budget. In addition, you’ll find bob style wigs in every fiber: from easy-care 100% synthetic wigs to heat-stylable 100% natural hair wigs. Shop Paula Young now and find your perfect chic, shorn, and oh-so modern bob hairstyle!

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