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Find Your Perfect Shade!

Do you find it hard to choose just the right hair color that complements your skin tone, your eyes and your features?  Swatching may be the answer!  Paula Young has launched a new hair color swatch program that will allow … Continue reading


Medication Side Effects – Hair Loss

The American Hair Loss Association lists the medications that can cause hair loss (not including chemotherapy or those drugs used to treat cancer).  Drugs are listed by the conditions they are prescribed to treat. Acne All drugs derived from vitamin … Continue reading

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Can anything be done for female pattern hair loss? Health Editor Judy Foreman gives an insightful answer to this question.  Of course, wigs are also an easy, affordable option for beautiful hair. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

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Sarah Palin Losing Her Hair?

The national media is debating reports that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s hair is thinning due to lifestyle stress.  We aren’t going to speculate on Governor Palin’s supposed hair loss, but we do have thousands of customers who have lost their … Continue reading

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I looked years younger!

Thank you Donna for your great letter. I’d heard about Paula Young years ago when my mom picked up a couple of wigs.  She liked them during the winter, they kept her head warm.  When I was told that I … Continue reading


The Era of Chic – Not Over

We know that times have changed – we’re all more conscious of how we spend our money.  A recent Time magazine article explores “How Consumers Shop Differently Today.”  It describes how discount shopping is increasing, label reading is up and … Continue reading

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Your Hair and – Your Career??

This article really caught our attention – How Hair Plays a ‘Part’ in Your Career.  Since we are all about hair, we wanted to know more! Apparently a team a sociologists studied whether a person’s career and image is affected … Continue reading

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Alopecia article explains the disease

This Boston Globe article profiles a young man with alopecia – the autoimmune disease that results in hair loss.  There is a new federal bill introduced in congress, the Alopecia Araeta Medicaid Improvement and Parity Act, that would require Medicaid … Continue reading

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Get out of your hair rut!

Elle magazine recently published 21 Hair Ideas by an editor who tries a different hair style every day for 21 days.  She looks great, but if I had to come up with a different hair style every day it would … Continue reading


Where do you get the hair for the wigs?

When you tell people you’re in the wig business, they look puzzled as if they didn’t hear you correctly.  And then inevitably you get a great story about how someone’s mother, aunt, sister wears a wig and loves how it … Continue reading