Choose Your Style

If your head size is smaller: When your head measures 21 inches or less around the forehead and back, you need a petite wig style that’s exactly proportioned for the best fit.

If your head size is larger:When your head measures 23 inches or more around the forehead and back, you need a large wig style that’s expertly designed to fit and flatter.

If you need quick, easy styling: All our wigs are ready to wear, but some are especially easy to style; just shake these styles and they bounce into perfect shape.

If you want a light weight wig or your hair is fine: You’ll want a wig with less hair, for a more natural look. You need a style that gives full coverage with the least amount of hair – not overly thick and heavy. These wig styles are so lightweight and airy, you’ll hardly know they’re there.

If you want to try your color in a new style: It’s easy to search wigs by color to see all of the wigs available in your favorite color. From blonde wigs to black wigs and all the shades in between!

If you wear eyeglasses:  You can wear glasses with any of our fashion wigs, but open ear tabs make them even more comfortable!

If you have a shorter neck: Some of our wig styles are made without an extended neckline to provide a better fit and extra comfort for those with shorter necks.

If you have sensitive scalp: You’ll want EXTRA comfort! Soothing velvet has been added to these wigs – inside the front rim, and at the neck and crown.

7 Responses to Choose Your Style

  1. Jennifer Cleroux says:

    I have aloppecia, I have almost no hair, I was looking at the wig by jacquline smith, electric, would it work for me, with my tiny oval face.

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Jennifer. Most any hair shape and length will work well with oval faces. Also try any style that sweeps away from the face. Hope this helps!

  2. Jackie Brockett says:

    I have a very round obese face. What style should I use?

  3. Crystall Tracy says:

    I am looking for a VersaFiber wig or a human hair wig i have alpic

  4. Mary Coe says:

    I bought a versafiber wig you are suppose to be able to style. I have been sitting g
    Here for 1 hr. and still don’t have one curl inky wig. I have used low to med. heat. It just doesn’t curl. The photo shows it curled so cute. What am I doing wrong. So disappointed. I bought Shannon sf 10/26#6. What a disappointment.

  5. Laura Waddell says:

    I appreciate your frustration. I had the same problem, with the EXACT same wig in the EXACT same color you bought. I did everything you did and the hair would go flat as soon as I removed the curling iron. Did you try pinning the curl into place after you removed the curling iron? If you curl a section of hair, remove the curling iron…HOLD ON TO THE CURL with your fingers, then pin it either with a bobby pin or clip, until the section of hair is completely cool, the curl tends to hold for a while. The versafiber does not curl as easily as they claim it does and they don’t tell you about pinning it. It was more work than I was prepared to do, so I just gave up and wore mine uncurled. Good luck!

  6. Omneya noureldin says:

    Do you have the kind of wigs where the front part looks like a scalp, from which the hair comes out?!! It has a very natural look. Please advise.

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