COOLCAP® Cap Wigs Keep You Cool, Dry & Comfortable

py_coolcap18Oh, happy May! It’s getting warmer, and Spring is just around the corner, which everyone is happy about. Unfortunately, though, warm weather can make wig-wearing a thoroughly uncomfortable experience.

Thanks to heat-defeating COOLCAP® wigs exclusively from Paula Young, you can keep your cool during warm-weather months and look fabulous! Ingenious COOLCAP® wigs have special lace caps that “breathe,” allowing heat and moisture to escape for a cool, dry, and comfortable fit all day long. And each COOLCAP® wig features baby-fine WhisperLite® fiber for a remarkably light and natural-looking hairstyle with shake-‘n-go stylability.

Gorgeous wig styles with exclusive keep-you-cool wig caps…looks like we solved Summer!

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