Fake Bangs 101

I was reading the September issue of InStyle magazine last weekend and there was a snippet called “Fake Bangs 101”.   I thought this would be a great piece to share especially since I have been contemplating whether or not I should get bangs for a while now.  I must admit that I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe.   I don’t want to end up cutting bangs then regretting it the moment after it happens.

If you’re also commitment phobic…InStyle recommends:

  • Ordering a free color swatch BEFORE purchasing any hairpiece or wig at www.paulayoung.com/swatch.  This helps guarantee you’ll get a matching color shade
  • Trying on a clip-on style prior to cutting your actual hair (I recommend the Hollywood Curable Bang)
  • Having your hair stylist trim your clip-on bangs to fit your face
  • Make a clean part about 2 inches from the hairline and attach the clip by snapping into place.

Whether you already have a large collection of hair accessories or not, the clip-on bang is a must-have.  A extremely light piece of fiber can transform your whole look with a few simple snaps!

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