Fake Bangs 101

I was reading the September issue of InStyle magazine last weekend and there was a snippet called “Fake Bangs 101”.   I thought this would be a great piece to share especially since I have been contemplating whether or not I should get bangs for a while now.  I must admit that I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe.   I don’t want to end up cutting bangs then regretting it the moment after it happens.

If you’re also commitment phobic…InStyle recommends:

  • Ordering a free color swatch BEFORE purchasing any hairpiece or wig at www.paulayoung.com/swatch.  This helps guarantee you’ll get a matching color shade
  • Trying on a clip-on style prior to cutting your actual hair (I recommend the Hollywood Curable Bang)
  • Having your hair stylist trim your clip-on bangs to fit your face
  • Make a clean part about 2 inches from the hairline and attach the clip by snapping into place.

Whether you already have a large collection of hair accessories or not, the clip-on bang is a must-have.  A extremely light piece of fiber can transform your whole look with a few simple snaps!

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  2. Hi Donna. I’m sorry if this answer didn’t get to you sooner, but you can use powder to help take the sheen away, or simply wash the style. The sheen is caused by the Kaneka Oil used to preserve the style in packaging.

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