Find Your Perfect Shade!

Do you find it hard to choose just the right hair color that complements your skin tone, your eyes and your features?  Swatching may be the answer!  Paula Young has launched a new hair color swatch program that will allow you to request a wide variety of hair color swatches. You can touch and feel the hair fiber and look at over half a dozen colors in your color family that may be right for you. Take the swatches apart and hold them up to your face to see if it gives you the look that you desire.  Try it in different lighting to get an idea of what it will look like from day to evening.  Then you’ll be ready to try a new wig color and maybe even a new wig style!

Hair color swatches come in color families for brunettes, blondes, grays and red heads.  Give it a try!

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11 Responses to Find Your Perfect Shade!

  1. Jackie Buckley says:

    I love my Paula Young wig! I have compliments about it every day. My hair was thinning on top and sides badly. It made me feal so old ( I am only 55). I chose the Montana style, had my hair stylist cut it around my face and I have worn it every since. My natural hair is feeling better since I don’t wash it daily. I appreciate your wedsite and the staff when I call in my orders.
    Thank you Paula Young.

    Jackie Buckley

    • Aisha says:

      Marie, If you are still checking an swnaer for your question, try the Sheer Colleen wig. It is more expensive but all hand-tied and looks nice. I’m glad to see that Paula Young is now offering monofiliment tops. I have too many wigs now though, so it will be a while before I can try one. The volumnizers are nice to wear if there isn’t too much wind. I just bought the newer Abby volumizer and notice it is a different weave and that may help. I like the lightness of the volumizers and the fact that they don’t bunch up at the crown. It would be nice to see one made with human hair and a mono top for those of us who prefer a natural looking part. I think there is one in a bob, but it would be nice to see a short one. Whisper Lite is a good weight hair for the wigs and will not appear as full as the others. I realize that those of us whose hair has thinned so much will not be able to find a wig that is too thin. Don’t think they can make them like that unless you go to a really expensive hair system. We just have to get used to having more hair when we wear the wigs. Again, I’ve found Whisper LIte to be one of the nicer synthectic hair fibers.

  2. Diane Dickinson says:

    I love Paula Young wigs! I’ve been a customer for years and have 6 wigs and I’m still looking. I have lost my own hair from time to time, due to an illness, so the wigs are great! People don’t believe I even have a wig on, so they have to yank my wig or lift it up to see for themselves. And when you’re in a hurry and just have to run out for quick errand, it’s wonderful to just be able to put the wig on and go! I love your website and your catalogs, and, the staff is so friendly and helpful. Thanks, Paula Young!!

    • Sakshi says:

      Just want to say I love the new features of the innole and print catalog which show us what the different types of fasteners, etc. are for and how to use them. I was recently asked what I thought would make the catalog better, and these features are just what I suggested. Thank you for listening to customers and making it easier to make a decision which style is the best type for me. I finally found the right hairpiece,and it’s like you read my mind. It’s the Hollywood Bang hairpiece and it’s just what I needed. It is going to become my everyday hair, since I have very thin hair. Thanks again for the great customer service.

  3. Nancy Brockmon says:

    I have alopecia and always wear a wig. I like the Jackie Smith wigs Millie and Donna but want to see them in hip updated, gradiant grey-to-white. The curls and waves in these mid length styles are just what I want, but you don’t carry them in the grey!
    Is there a great grey in the future?

  4. Mary Fotu says:

    It is very hard for an olive skin tone person to go blonde. Does Paula or Jacklyn have any color that would work in this case?

  5. i really like to color my hair and i would love to try different hair colors specially auburn -:~

    • Blanca says:

      I have a suggestion that I think a lot of your older ructomess would like to have. Some of us have SOME gray hair and would like the wigs we wear to appear natural for our age. I personally would like to see some of the darker brunettes and alburn shades with about 10% gray. I won’t order all gray or 25% or more gray, as that’s too much for a person who is trying to go with a natural shade that is starting to go gray.I also agree with Ginny, that those of us older ladies, with thinning hair would like to buy short styles, without LOTS of hair.How about it ladies, do others agree with me?

  6. Adjie says:

    I’m sooooooooo ideappointsd that ya’ll are discontinuing the Hollywood Bangs. I have receding hairline and thinning top. I’ve tried wigs, volumizers, hairpieces but the Hollywood Bangs are the best thing ever. No hot, uncomfortable wig to wear that slides around when being intimate. I hope ya’ll change your mind and decide to restock them or tell people where to go to get them from the supplier.One suggestion is to either add more clips or move the front ones back a bit. It your hair is receding in the front, there won’t be hair to attach the front clips to.Thanks.

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