Get Ready for Warmer Weather

Daylight Savings Time is this weekend, and that means spring and warmer weather is just around the corner.  To help you get ready for warmer weather, we’ve slashed the prices on more than 20 of our top-selling WhisperLite Styles!

Which styles made the list?  Here are our top five!

5) Dance– This wig is a trend-right look with no-fuss.  It features beautiful razor-cut bangs and layers.  And like any wig from Paula Young, lightweight, airy comfort is built right in.


4) Trisha (shown left)- A classic wig! This short wig style boasts soft, feathered sides that taper into a graceful sweep of hair at the nape.

3) Mid Length Abby– A longer version of our best-selling wig since 2003, Abby– no wonder the Mid Length Abby tops the list!

2) Vikki – An adorable pixie with a slightly sassy edge to it.


1) Chantal– A sleek and sexy length in an ultra-light style. Feather-cut sides create shape and swing.

Be sure to take advantage of these great savings while they last! View the entire collection of  WhisperLite Wigs here!

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