Below you’ll find a glossary list of wig features and benefits that will be useful to you as you become more familiar with wigs.

From short layers with soft, straight ends – to long, lush face-framing layers which are hand-braided. Blend a bounty of long, hand-tied braids into your own hair

Hand-tied hairlines
Wig fibers are tied to the front of the wig by hand for a more natural-looking hairline.

Monofilament Wigs
In monofilament wig styles, the wig fibers are hand-tied to a fine, poly-silk mesh, or monofilament base. This thin, breathable fabric allows skin color to show through for a natural-looking part. Versatile hand-tied fibers can be combed in any direction.

Open cap construction
This describes a wig cap designed without lace. Less material in the cap allows for greater air circulation and cool, all-day comfort. Note that this type of construction will also release heat faster in winter, so a hat or scarf in addition may be required for warm comfort.

Open ear tabs
If you wear glasses, look for wigs with open ear tabs, which allow you to wear glasses comfortably. Most of our wig styles feature open ear tabs.

SofTouch® is a lightweight, non-allergenic, silicone-like gel material developed by medical professionals. The material gently cushions the scalp, allowing your wig to fit securely and comfortably, without tape or glue.

Thin wefting
Wig fibers are sewn to a thread base, creating what is called a weft of hair. Thin wefting means that a single layer of thread and fiber is used instead of two, resulting in a lighter, cooler wig.

Velcro® sizing adjustments
Many wigs feature tabs that allow customization to fit by adjusting the wig’s circumference up to 1″ larger or smaller.

Velvet comfort band
A soft velvet-like lining inside the front of a wig provides extra softness against the skin. Perfect for sensitive scalps.

WhisperLite® fiber
The lighter the wig, the more comfortable it feels! Many wigs feature our revolutionary WhisperLite fiber, which is softer, finer and half the width of traditional fiber, resulting in an exceptionally light and more natural-looking wig.

Wig Sizes
Many wigs come in multiple sizes, ranging from mini-petite to extra large – and carries the largest selection of sized wigs available. Sized wigs guarantee a perfect fit for the ultimate in comfort and security. The difference between a petite and an average or an average and a large is typically about 1″.

Yaki Texture
The Yaki feature has a micro kink texture added to the hair strands to mimic African American hair.

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