Gray & Gorgeous: Redefining the meaning of beauty.

In the past, women would call their colorist immediately upon finding their first gray hair. The initial reaction was to hide that gray from the world. You see, while men who had gray hair were considered “sexy” and “distinguished,” women were just considered, well (for lack of a better word), “old.”

Thankfully, times have changed! The latest trend for hair is gray. Women are embracing their gorgeous gray hair and seeing the true beauty in those sultry silver shimmers and that sophisticated style.

Join the growing trend of gray-haired women like my sister Jacqui did! She has been wearing the Brussels wig in rich salt-and-pepper shade for the past few years and everyone adores the way she in looks in it. (P.S. I’m already a gray hair girl… been wearing the Angel Wig in Silvery Moon forever!)

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Oh, and even movie stars are putting a new spin on the phrase “silver screen.” Take Meryl Streep’s character, Miranda Priestly (shown left), in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Her captivating style and gorgeous silver locks lit up the screen and wowed audiences across the globe.

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