Headbands With Hair Video


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  1. sheila says:

    The Wiglet video, did nothing for me. Does anyone else feel the same? Is there a better place to look?

  2. I was wondering if you could make more styles WITHOUT BANGS?? I cannot wear bangs and I neet a wig. I would need a style similar to A5018 without bangs.


  3. Nancy Howitt-Battles says:

    I’ve been gone too long 1997? Just today I thought to ask my husband to find you in the I-net. I was going to try to make a clip on bun like A 2362 and voila there it was. Just in step with my needs. I sew and design many of my own clothes, but I cannot make hair accessories!

    At the same time, today, I was also looking for something else that I had in the mid 1980’s from a local wig store.I wore it until it wore out . A college classmate had one, and never told anyone she wore it. I figured it out since I worked in cosmetics during college. I eventually found one for my self. “Mine” had elastic attached side combs and a wider comb at the top, just to the back of where I wore my hair band. The base for the fall hair was a contoured oval rigid “horse hair mountring piece”. It was a velvetine bound/edged base (the velvet binding made it kind of stick in the hair it was placed on) to mount on the back upper “bump” of the head back. It had 14-18″ long beautiful reddish blond brown human hair. It was full and wavy-curly. It was perfect to wear in the back while I let a bad short hair cut grow out. It gave me wonderful head fullness (I have a flattish head back, and a face similar to J. Kennedy) and concealed the ragged back hair growing out process, and revealed my own hair worn in the front-lifted up with a roller set-and in the front wavy with slight bang shape. The joint between the hair “piece” and my own hair I covered with a wide hair ribbon, (and a bow on the side, believe it or not like “Betty Furness” ) or, as I got older, with a hand made rigid hair band, which was padded and velvet with padded a “knot” at the top center. I called it my face lift in a hair band. I had seen it in mink at a furriers in Rochester MN, for $480.00. I made a drawing and a bridal dressmaker made them for me for years until she retired.

    When I first got the new “fall” the funniest thing was that one Sunday I had that terrible growing out hair…and in church the next Sunday, I wore the wonderful fall. It must have really looked “right”, because nobody noticed the massive hair growth in one week.

    The reason I tell you all this is that I am a fairly youthful looking 63, but do not wish to drastically change my look, to a frizzy perm, etc., or get a harder edged look like some of the spiky do’s I saw on the website. I do not wear jeans, etc. I go for the elegant business-day-to-evening European continental look. Always wear jewelry, wear skirts and blazers all the time. “Horsey set” look a like ( I hope) is the most casual I get, or a linen jacket and a full skirt. I guess I know how I look best, and it is a “Look” which is constructed and “ensembled” all the time. No pink stretch pants for me! All I have done to accommodate age is to color my hair blond, not brown with facial lines emphasized.

    I bet I am not the only “gal” out there who is in my situation. Probably for you this sounds like a request for major “product surgery,” but I know you know the industry from years of helping all ages and stages of women to look their very prettiest! If I had a scanner I would scan in some photos. Thank you. I will order some ‘Buns,” “A2362.” Nancy Howitt-Battles, cell phone 517-749-6295.

    I still work as a traveling auditor, and drive a company car with a logo on it, so I have to look like I represent an organization well.

    P.S. I notice all your hair bands are set low over the hair line, almost over and onto the hair line face margin, and are more like a stretch band They appear to widen/lower the appearance of the face and brow, making the face look wide and covered up as if with a scarf.

  4. Patsy Miller says:

    I would like to buy a bang with a elastic band,..not the heavy velvet band,..there is one on the video,..but I can not find it in the wig book,..If you have any,..email me. Patsy

  5. Elaine Mohr says:

    I am so upset that you have discontinued the headband hairpieces Jazz and Jive. I absolutely loved them and was buying 2-3 at a time. They are very flattering and made me seem so young, unlike all the real short ones you are offering now. by eliminating the longer and curlier styles you are isolating those of us who like longer hair and curlier hair. You are starting to offer styles mostly for the older people and I am not considered old yet. When are you going to start offering them again or have you totally stopped selling them and do not intend to get any more. I get so many any compliments on those and have sent dozens of people to your website for the Jazz and Jive headbands and now they cannot get them.

  6. Nancy says:

    I agree with Sheila. The wiglet video was terrible. The woman appeared to be false, and oh so boring.

  7. Judy Popolo says:

    I purchased the bob with headband, ver yhappy. Can you please make a soft curly one with a head band?

  8. Gayle Hart says:

    I very much want & need a fall but none of them come in shades of grey. The bob length fall looks perfect but I really need a couple shades of gray. I cant be the only one out there who wants extensions for someone over 6o.

  9. judy seal says:

    the mid length wigs tangle at the ends, after trying to comb it out, it then frizz up, how do I prevent this from happening?

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