How to Choose A Wig Video


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  1. ellen says:

    On the blog about “How to wear a wig” the reddish one on the right is the one I’m interested in. I have not been able to find it. If you have that one available in that shade please email me. Thank you, Ellen Mazurek.

  2. c/o Al /Elaine shaw says:

    my mother is a older woman and is looking for a white curley wig. because he hair is white and she feels confortable.

    • Emilia says:

      Stretch-a-comb. These hair pieces work btteer on real hair. When my daughter pulls her hair up into a bun, the bun part fits very nicely into the middle of the combs and the combs fit securly into the bun All the stretch-a-comb pieces she wears are beautiful and she has received many compliments!!! They have been such a hit that a family member and her friends are ordering them to wear for prom this year.

  3. Sandra Mullins says:

    I need a lite wig but I am unsure as to the colors. I have been losing my hair and it is very upsetting to me. Is there a way I could send you what hair I have lost, then you can help with the color?

  4. Annette Bianco says:

    Dear Paula,

    You are the greatest. You help so many people with their hair problems for so may reasons. I am a breast cancer survivor. I am fortunate that I did not lose my hair. But if I did, I would certainly would come to you for help. Right now I have ordered a wig for just the beauty of it. Keep up the great work…..

    • Tom says:

      I loved the wig named Alyssa (A2134) .and now it’s gone. Is it is possible that it will ever be back? Is there atnehor place to purchase it, or is it gone forever? Sometimes us ladies find a wig style that is versatile and is perfect for us, then it’s discontinued. It’s difficult to find one that you really love seeing yourself in, so I wish that there would be a place we could go to buy the ones we love. I have used your service for YEARS and am so disappointed at losing Alyssa ..

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