How to Find Your Correct Wig Size

py_measureBefore beginning, flatten your hair. Use a cloth tape measure or a string to ensure accuracy.

Step 1. Measure Around Head: Starting at your natural hairline in front, follow your hairline to just above your ear. Measure around the back to the bend in your neck, just above your other ear, then around front to where you began. Record this measurement.

Step 2. Measure Front to Back: Measure from your natural hairline in front and over the crown to where your head meets the top of your neck. Record this measurement.

Step 3. Measure Ear to Ear: Starting in front of one ear where your hairline ends, bring your tape measure or string up and over the crown to the front of your other ear. Record this measurement.

Step 4. Check the Sizing Chart: If all three of your measurements do not match exactly to one size in the chart below, choose the size that corresponds to your largest measurement. The Velcro® tabs inside each wig adjust up to 1″ larger or smaller for a secure fit.py_measurementsStep 5. Browse Wigs by Size: Now that you know what size wig you should wear, feel free to browse our beautiful wigs by size! We have created individual categories for each size we carry so that you can easily find what you are looking for, whether it’s mini petite wigs, or petite wigs, or average wigs, or large wigs!

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One Response to How to Find Your Correct Wig Size

  1. Mari says:

    I myself would love 2 see more “OPEN WEFT” wigs added 2 your collection…so women who don’t want 2 wear a full-cap wig, can wear a wig that they can pull their hair thru, for the look of more hair, and still hold style. My hair is only 3″ long right now, and I bought the “BEAUTIFUL VOLUMIZER”…and was so pleased…that I was in search of more hairstyles with the same “open – weft” cap design!!!! When my hair got 2 the 2-3″ point, it was so much cooler, and looked more natural, with the volumizer, and I think a lot of women out there would agree. You are doing a big injustice of not having a line of wigs 2 address just this solution to the stages of hair re-growth. Thanks, Mari

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