I looked years younger!

Thank you Donna for your great letter.

I’d heard about Paula Young years ago when my mom picked up a couple of wigs.  She liked them during the winter, they kept her head warm. 

When I was told that I would experience thinning of my hair during chemotherapy treatment, I thought of Paula Young.  My hair was already fine and thin and I felt I needed to be ready.   

When I visited the Paula Young store I found the staff to be very courteous and accommodating.  I purchased my first wig that day – I loved it and two months later I purchased another. 

The comments were very positive – most people did not realize I had a wig on.  As a matter of fact, one of my classmates from nursing school couldn’t believe it!  Many said that I looked years younger. 

When I told my neighbor (Kelli) how the wig was itchy at the temples, she brought over a few items to try.  Right now I only use the Comfy Grip which is great.  I tried the “Headline It” which also seems to work, but I haven’t been consistent with that.

Overall, my experience with the employees at Paula Young and their products have been very positive – I do intend to purchase another wig in the Spring. 

Thanks to Kelli who has really been a great advocate for Paula Young products. 


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