Jane Lynch: Style Finder

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a TV junkie (catch up on my TV confessions here) whose addiction has led to many hours of procrastination.¬† To help ease my mind from guilt, I like to tie in what I watch to my work – bringing you fresh ideas for gorgeous hairstyles.

Jane LynchThis past week, I found my inspiration on the The People’s Choice Awards – more specifically the winner of¬† Favorite TV Comedy Actress, Jane Lynch.¬† Lynch turns a simple short look into everyday chic.¬† Although Sue Sylvester, her character in Glee, confessed her insecurity with her hair in The Power of Madonna, Jane is no stranger to the short do’.

If you’re looking for a similar short style, we recommend:

Carrie Ann – Carrie Ann is a short style with layered waves.

Vikki- Vikki is more of a pixie cut (less length in the back) with a slightly sassy edge to it.  This sassy edge screams Sue Sylvester!

Tell us, what do you think of Jane’s look?

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2 Responses to Jane Lynch: Style Finder

  1. Martha Corkrin says:

    Jane’s hair style in this photo does not look like a wig. Perhaps it is just a hairpiece, because her hairline looks natural. As the “style finder,” I would expect her to be wearing a current style. Is she?

    • Hi Martha. We do not have any knowledge of Jane wearing a wig or hairpiece. Our only intention in writing this post was to provide our readers with styles that could attain a similar look. We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Thank you for reading!

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