Jane Lynch: Style Finder

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a TV junkie (catch up on my TV confessions here) whose addiction has led to many hours of procrastination.  To help ease my mind from guilt, I like to tie in what I watch to my work – bringing you fresh ideas for gorgeous hairstyles.

Jane LynchThis past week, I found my inspiration on the The People’s Choice Awards – more specifically the winner of  Favorite TV Comedy Actress, Jane Lynch.  Lynch turns a simple short look into everyday chic.  Although Sue Sylvester, her character in Glee, confessed her insecurity with her hair in The Power of Madonna, Jane is no stranger to the short do’.

If you’re looking for a similar short style, we recommend:

Carrie Ann – Carrie Ann is a short style with layered waves.

Vikki– Vikki is more of a pixie cut (less length in the back) with a slightly sassy edge to it.  This sassy edge screams Sue Sylvester!

Tell us, what do you think of Jane’s look?

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