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Welcome to our new blog.  There’s a little known secret that over 21 million women are dealing with hair loss.  We’ve been helping these women for over 30 years and thousands of them have shared their stories with us.  For most of them, losing their hair was a wrenching experience.  Some say that they were embarrassed to leave home.  It’s a difficult decision to wear a wig or a hair piece, but we try to make it a little easier.  And we even try to make it fun!  Many of our customers try different hair styles and hair colors just to change their look!


In this blog we’ll share stories about hair loss, give you tips, discuss hair trends and let you know what’s new at Paula Young.  And we hope you’ll participate.  Add a comment to this posting or any of our blog posts.  And tell people about this blog.  If you’ve lost or are losing your hair, you’re not alone.  We’ll try to bring together the millions of you who share the same issues.  And help you feel like yourself again! 

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3 Responses to Welcome to the Hair Solutions Blog

  1. j.martinez says:

    Where can I buy clothe to sew into my wigs so the tapes will stay on? I live in the Chicago area but would like to purchase on the web. I heard that there was a liquid that can be applied like nail polish that solidifies for tape application, is anything like that available?

  2. Lorna Christopulos says:

    I buy A3002, Endearment, however, it has not been on sale for quite a while. I buy it when it is $36.00. When is it going on sale.

    I normally buy 6 at a time, however, I cannot afford any at the price you are charging now.

    Lorna Christopulos

  3. Thanks for creating this blog for helping the women to solve their hair loss problem. Very impressive. You just done a good job.

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