New Styles- Just in Time for the Holidays

I’m so glad that the era of “teasing” hair is over.  Teasing hair became popular during the 1950s when big hairdos like the bouffant and the beehive were the rule rather than the exception, but there is nothing worse than teasing your hair just to get a little extra volume.  If you’re still seeking volume but not at your hair’s expense, say bye, bye to teasing and hello to Suzette, Elyse, Gretchen, and the Mono-Top Volumizer.  These 4 new styles recently added to our Paula Young collection will be your best friend.  They all feature monofilament, which allows you to have natural looking and voluminous hair without any damage to your hair.

We currently have three types of monofilament coverage:  the mono-top volumizer, the mono-part wiglet, and the mono-top wig.

If you’re wondering what type of monofilament style is right for you, here is the break down:

For longer hair that’s thinning on top– the Mono-Top Volumizer

For shorter hair that’s thinning on top– the Mono-Part Wiglet

If your looking for full coverage–any Mono-Top Wig like Elyse (shown left) will work best for you.

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