O Magazine: The Truth About Hair Loss

In the March 2010 issue of O Magazine, the Beauty Gazette section tackles a difficult subject for women…hair loss. The article covers both the temporary and chronic causes of hair loss from childbirth and stress to menopause and alopecia.

The article also describes solutions like medications, lasers and transplants. Of course, there are always wigs, hairpieces and extensions for solutions that will work for your everyday life.

For a more detailed explanation of hair loss and even longer list of solutions go to www.dealingwithhairloss.com.

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10 Responses to O Magazine: The Truth About Hair Loss

  1. paula.
    hi. a real good friend invited me to your mag. she also orders from you ..DONNA atkins , jasper In.
    I have had cancer more times to count on both hands.. my hair is a loss to me i recently got married but no hooneymoon yet.can’t aford high price but loves your wigs i wear color ash blond little body. hang 3 inches off the sholders.perfer real but propably not in my price area. wold you hwlp me get ready for this hoonymoon to look nice. i also am on your mailing address

  2. Bonita Lummus says:

    I have lost a lot of hair on top and in the front. From the top of my eyebrows to my hairline, you can easily lay six fingers. I hate wearing a full wig in the Texas heat and humidity. I purchased the bangs and love them except foir the fact that they are not thick enough or something, I like to wear my hair back in a pony tail or up in a twist. When I pull the hair back, or if the wind blows, you can see the base. You can also see the base in bright light or flourescent light if you do not get it combed JUST right – and hopefully it will stay that way. I have bought some other hair pieces – do not remember which ones but you could look it up on my account – and they just do not work. They are TWO full and I cannot make the bangs be bangs – two curly – and I want the monofiliment front. When I wear my Abby wig – I do not even care if the wind blows – I have 4 of them. However, I would like something smaller and cooler for out door activities that looks just as natural. What do you suggest?

  3. nichole salmons says:

    I lost my hair for the last timewhen I was a kid over 25 years ago.it is so difficult to find wigs that fit right (especially for peteite heads) that remain cool and look natural! For me, don’t know if this is helpful. I use
    Aussie scrunch hair gel-spray. Its not heavy smells good and leaves no funky residue! It can help “train bangs”. If you cut the bangs go slow and use a razor instead of scissors. Or have a friend who is a salon owner! I hope this is helpful!

  4. lydia aki says:

    Is there any way to cover my boldness in the front?

  5. I went through the horror of losing my hair- that’s not something I would wish on anyone! You really can find great solutions when you look in the right places.

  6. This is great information about hair loss for women. Hair loss problem has become very common in women today.
    Visited the site dealingwithhairloss.com and like it. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Rebecca Snider says:

    I have alopecia areata but it’s spread over a major part of my head. A few years ago I was given a Paula Young catalog and ordered a couple of wigs but was never REALLY satisfied. But as the hair loss progressed it was essential to look more deeply into styles that would “fit” me and my lifestyle. I’m an older lady but not an old fuddy duddy and most certainly not a party animal but I didn’t want to look like all the other “old ladies” with their wigs scooching up on their heads making them look like they had a tophat on. LOL I also didn’t want the shiny “Barbie Doll” synthetic look of most wigs. That’s my major complaint about ALL wigs everywhere.

    Finally I found the rooted colors and styles in the Paula Young catalogs and ordered one. I was THRILLED !!! The color, the feel, the luster, and the style was PERFECT !!! The natural progression of colors was NATURAL, the feel was NATURAL, the luster was NATURAL. I ordered 2 more of the same style. I went to visit my family the next week and wore the wigs the entire time and I don’t think anyone knew I was wearing a wig. My mother would have been the one commenting if she had noticed. LOL

    I came home and finally cut off the remaining portions of my own thinning hair. Since I don’t go out of the house without a wig on, and I feel much better about myself. I’ve ordered 4 more (same color but different styles) and am pleased !!! With the affordability of these wigs, I can dedicate more of my money donating to research on finding a CURE for Alopecia Areata. It has devastated my life, I can’t even fathom how it can devastate a young person’s life.

    THANK YOU for the beautiful wigs !!!
    Sincerely grateful, Rebecca Snider

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