College Football Star Giving Back

Over the holiday break our family discussed a lot of football – everything from game predications to playoff predictions.  I  don’t usually care for sports, but I decided to sit down and watch a few games with my husband and children to keep the peace.

Monday night was no exception with the Orange Bowl (an annual college football bowl game) against Stanford University and Virginia Tech.  I couldn’t help but notice Owen Marecic, a football player for Stanford University.  What made this athlete really standout from the pack (outside of his talent), was his long hair.  Apparently this is a growing trend for athletes (example: Pittsburgh Steeler safety, Troy Polamalu), but when I found out the story behind the hair I became an even bigger fan.

With the passing of his grandmother to cancer, Owen wanted to contribute something to the cause and will be donating his blonde locks to a charity specifically aimed to benefit cancer patients.

Owen isn’t just a star athlete, he maintains a 3.8 GPA all while playing two positions as fullback on offense and middle linebacker on defense.

I think Stanford Professor and former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice said it best, “He’s a real inspiration for a lot of people.”

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