Specialty Commerce Corp. Makes a Generous Donation to Susan G. Komen Massachusetts

During the month of October, Specialty Commerce Corp., one of the nation’s leading multi-channel direct marketers, ran the Like for Locks campaign to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

West Bridgewater, MA (PRWEB) December 13, 2013

During the month of October, Specialty Commerce Corp., one of the nation’s leading multi-channel direct marketers, ran the Like for Locks campaign to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Specialty Commerce Corp. set a goal of donating ONE wig to Susan G. Komen Massachusetts for every LIKE they received on their Paula Young Facebook page – up to 500 wigs.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of our friends at Specialty Commerce and look forward to continuing our collaboration with them.

Mike Ippolito, CEO of Specialty Commerce Corp. presents a check to Susan G. Komen Massachusetts.

The great news is they achieved their goal of 500 wigs donated and MORE! The entire company also chipped in and made monetary contributions throughout the month.

“We offer complimentary coffee to our employees but, during the month of October, our employees reached into their pockets and paid anywhere from twenty five cents to five dollars for every cup they drank so that we could raise money to donate to Susan G. Komen Massachusetts. They even paid a few dollars to wear jeans every day instead of the normal business casual attire. Susan G. Komen does so much to help better the lives of those facing breast cancer. As a company, we truly value what they do and we are thrilled to begin our partnership with them,” said Mike Ippolito, CEO.

On November 26, 2013, Specialty Commerce Corp. welcomed representatives from Susan G. Komen Massachusetts and the YWCA of Southeastern Massachusetts to their headquarters in West Bridgewater for a luncheon in their honor where they were presented with a check for $500 along with 500 wigs.

Representatives from Specialty Commerce Corp., Susan G. Komen Massachusetts and YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts celebrate a wonderful partnership.

“Congratulations and heartfelt thanks for this great promotion and wonderful gift,” said Ronni Cohen-Boyar, Executive Director at Komen MA. “Working with the YWCA of Southeastern Massachusetts and other community partners across the state, we’ve helped to expand breast health education and linkages to screening, treatments, and patient navigation services. This gift gives us an exciting new way to work with our partners to assist women in need here in Massachusetts. We greatly appreciate the generosity of our friends at Specialty Commerce and look forward to continuing our collaboration with them.”

Over the past 10 years, Specialty Commerce Corp. has donated more than 68,000 wigs. And for more than 30 years, Paula Young has made it their mission to help women with medical hair loss regain their sense of self-confidence. The continued partnership with Susan G. Komen Massachusetts will help more cancer patients than ever before.

About Specialty Commerce Corp. 
Specialty Commerce Corp. is one of the nation’s leading multi-channel direct marketers. With a modern, efficient and finely tuned infrastructure we serve the women’s hair fashion, medical hair loss and apparel markets, as well as providing continuing education for professionals. From operations in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, our catalogs, websites and retail stores serve a multi-national cross section of customers around the world.

About Paula Young 
Paula Young is the world’s leading retailer of wigs, hair pieces and fashion add-ons, with more than two million active customers. For more than 30 years, Paula Young’s mission has been to offer women of all ages beautiful, affordable hair solutions that help them develop the confidence to believe in themselves and their beauty.

About Susan G. Komen Massachusetts® 
Susan G. Komen Massachusetts® is an organization that works with, and on behalf of, breast cancer patients and survivors and those who support them in our local communities. With seventy-five (75) percent of proceeds generated by the Affiliate staying in Massachusetts, the Affiliate is able to fund educational programs, offer grant money to organizations that support its mission, and help better the lives of those facing breast cancer locally. Komen MA is able to successfully continue its mission through annual events such as the Komen Massachusetts Race for the Cure® and Komen Massachusetts Chefs for the Cure. For more information, call 617-737-5111 or visit http://www.komenmass.org.

About YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts 
The YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts is one of 230 member associations of the YWCA USA. The national organization was chartered in 1858 and is one of the largest women-owned and ran groups in the country continuing a 150 year heritage of leadership in issues that affect the daily lives of women and girls. YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts was founded in 1911 and serves over 5,000 participants annually in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Key program areas include health education, outreach and breast cancer support group services, after-school programs for youth, residential housing for women, racial justice, economic empowerment, leadership development for young women, and widowed persons program.

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Beauty Resolutions for 2014

2014 is right around the corner and now is the time to make your beauty resolutions. This year, my personal beauty resolution is to invest more time (and money) into my skin care regimen. As the years go by and the lines get a little bit deeper and those brown spots get a little bit more noticeable, I realize that the pharmacy bought products simply aren’t cutting the mustard. So, in 2014, I say “out with the cheap scrubs and cleansers and on to professional facials and dermatologist-recommended products!”

Recently, I met three of my best girlfriends for a pre-holiday lunch. While we chatted over our chicken Caesar salads and a delicious bottle of pinot grigio, I mentioned my beauty resolution to them. I was pleasantly surprised to see how eager everyone was to share their personal resolutions with the group.

My friend Trish told us she was determined to finally stop biting her fingernails. She had even bought some nail polish that is supposed to taste wickedly bitter if you put your nails in your mouth. (Now, as much as I like to remain positive, I’ve known this girl since we were five and I’ve never EVER seen a glimpse of white nail at the tips of those fingers).

Jamie, as she dramatically poured another long glass of pinot – a wide Cheshire grin on her face, swore she was going to start drinking only water to keep her body healthy and hydrated. And Beth, who is a recent cancer survivor, exclaimed she was going to purchase a few new wigs to help her put some ‘pep’ back in her step.

Now these may not seem to be the most glamorous of beauty resolutions, but at least they’re a start. Maybe you’ll have one that inspires me and my friends. So share away… What’s YOUR beauty resolution for 2014?

Wishing you a safe, happy and beautiful 2014!

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The Paula Young 2013 Holiday Hair Guide

The holidays are quickly approaching so NOW is the time to start thinking about how you’ll wow them at the next holiday party. Wigs, hairpieces, headbands and more – try one (or more) of these pretty holiday hairstyles!

Casual Updo: Mollie Hairpiece by Jaclyn Smith
Classy Chignon: Awestruck Stretch-A-Comb Hairpiece by Paula Young
Classic Bun:
Retro Bun by Paula Young
Dramatic Upsweep:
Braid Headband w/Curly Hair by Paula Young

Or simply choose one of our best-selling wig styles – may we suggest the Abby WhisperLite Wig by Paula Young?

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season!

The Paula Young Family

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Don’t Get Burned This Holiday!

This Thanksgiving, make sure you roast the bird… NOT your tresses! A sudden burst of heat from the oven or steam from a boiling pot of water can cause irreparable damage to your wig.

Remember the ever-important wig rule of thumb: NEVER open the oven while wearing a wig! It is certain to ruin your wig… and your day. Your wig simply cannot take the heat, so keep it out of the kitchen.

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Exclusive Sneak Peek!

Did you know that you don’t have to wait for the newest wig styles to be unveiled? The Paula Young Sneak Peek Department features brand-new wigs that have not yet been seen anywhere else! It’s our way of showing our customers just how much we value you.

Meet our current exclusive sneak peeks…

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Fashion Trends – Pixie Cut!

And the trend continues! Kristin Chenoweth has jumped on the pixie cut bandwagon this week, and is now revealing what famous faces were truly behind the inspiration for the drastic cut. Though the Broadway vet admits she did it for a new role, she’s always wanted to try the new look anyway.

Shop our Short Styles for a similar look!

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It’s Election Day!

Vote for your favorite Paula Young Wig today! Here’s our top five best-sellers… did
your candidate make the cut?

Shop our Best-Selling Styles!

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Autumn-Winter Hair Trend: Warmer Colors

With fall winding to a close and winter painting the world in a magical wonderland, you experience the beauty of Mother Nature’s transformations first hand. Why not take this time to warm up your winter and make a transformation yourself? All you need is a new hair color!

Warm, rich hues like honey blonde, medium auburn, etc. are perfect for cold, slushy days. Saturated colors create a luster that warms your style and heart.

Shop PaulaYoung.com and check out new wigs in warm colors today!

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

To raise awareness and help those in need, Paula Young will donate ONE wig for every LIKE we receive on our Facebook page – up to 500 wigs!

Together we can make a difference! Like our Facebook page today and then check out our Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet – it’s just $9.99.

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Ponytails: The Hairstyle of Choice at the Emmy’s

Throw your hair up in a ponytail and do your errands. It used to be that ponytails were a quick fix when you had little time to get ready. But recently, the ponytail took on the red carpet. That’s right, ponytails were the “it” hairstyle choice at this year’s Emmy Awards!

See it for yourself.

Now, you can get the look at Paula Young!

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