Summertime Wig Care

Did you know that humidity and poor air quality can affect your wig the same way it affects your hair?

To avoid frizzy, weighed down, unkempt looking hair, a good rule of thumb is to wash your wig after six to eight uses in the summertime. Also, if you are athletic, your wig will require even more washing.

Click here for instructions on how to properly care for your wig.

Looking for more ways to make your wig look gorgeous this summer? Visit your hairstylist for trim or style! And don’t forget that National Beautician’s Day is June 26th so show your appreciation to those who help make you look your very best!

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Great Style Doesn’t End With Your Hair

As a wig wearer myself, I tend to talk a lot about finding the perfect wig to fit your style. But I need to tell you that even though beautiful hair is important, it isn’t everything.

You see, Paula Young can not only help you find the wig or hairpiece that best suits your look, but we can pair it with a gorgeous blouse, a pair of stylish shoes and a matching purse and hat!

Last weekend, my best friend held a baby shower for her daughter at her home. For the event, I wore my beloved Angel Wig by Paula Young. Then I paired my favorite pair of black slacks with the Paula Young Blouse with Necklace in Pink Sorbet. The compliments I received had me smiling just as much as the thought of that precious new baby did!

It’s important to remember that great style doesn’t end with your hair! Think head-to-toe style with Paula Young. Check out our sensational Apparel & Accessories collection – chock full of flattering designs, rich colors and details.

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Gray & Gorgeous: Redefining the meaning of beauty.

In the past, women would call their colorist immediately upon finding their first gray hair. The initial reaction was to hide that gray from the world. You see, while men who had gray hair were considered “sexy” and “distinguished,” women were just considered, well (for lack of a better word), “old.”

Thankfully, times have changed! The latest trend for hair is gray. Women are embracing their gorgeous gray hair and seeing the true beauty in those sultry silver shimmers and that sophisticated style.

Join the growing trend of gray-haired women like my sister Jacqui did! She has been wearing the Brussels wig in rich salt-and-pepper shade for the past few years and everyone adores the way she in looks in it. (P.S. I’m already a gray hair girl… been wearing the Angel Wig in Silvery Moon forever!)

Image Source:

Oh, and even movie stars are putting a new spin on the phrase “silver screen.” Take Meryl Streep’s character, Miranda Priestly (shown left), in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Her captivating style and gorgeous silver locks lit up the screen and wowed audiences across the globe.

Let Paula Young help YOU find YOUR beautiful, new gray wig today!


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A Smashing Mother’s Day!

I’m going a little outside the usual blog topic today. I had something happen to me recently that I just needed to share with you – my blog friends!

My children always make sure that my Mother’s Day is filled with happy memories. So, as I slipped on my Angel wig, applied my Age Spot Serum and Forehead Refiner, and added the finishing touches to my makeup, I wondered what type of events my children had planned for the day.

My three daughters (Trisha, Kimberly and Lori), my son (John) and one of my granddaughters (Lily), ended up taking me to dinner at my favorite restaurant. It was my husband’s favorite restaurant as well, and since his passing last May it’s become “our place.”

As we were all sitting enjoying some drinks, some bruschetta and some wonderful conversation we were stunned to hear an indescribably horrific sound followed by screams.

My children (all adults now) immediately bolted from the booth to see what happened – my daughter Kim is certified in First Aid and my other two daughters are avid photographers. I anxiously sipped my wine and made small-talk to help ease my 10-year-old granddaughter’s fear.

Upon arriving back to the table, the girls informed me that a car had actually driven through the front wall of the building, injuring four people in its path. Just minutes before, it was where I had been sitting with one of my daughters.

After fighting breast cancer for years, I thought I had encountered everything, but boy was I wrong!

Was it a stroke of luck or my husband – my guardian angel – who saved us? I’m leaning toward the latter.

I hope and pray that all of the victims are healing well and hope that next year’s Mother’s Day is a bit less exciting.


SMASHING Mother’s Day photos…

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Flashback: Vidal Sassoon Cuts Mia Farrow’s Hair

It was a hairstyle made famous on and off the silver screen: Mia Farrow’s pixie cut, introduced in the 1968 horror film Rosemary’s Baby. “It’s Vidal Sassoon!” Farrow proclaims during a light moment in the movie. “It’s very in.”

Vidal Sassoon


Sassoon — who died Wednesday at the age of 84 — was paid $5,000 by Rosemary’s Baby director Roman Polanski to give Farrow the new do, according to The New York Times. And on Wednesday, in the wake of his death, fashion’s finest remembered Sassoon for such revolutionary cuts and styles.

Article source:

Patricia’s note: If you’re loving Mia’s short ‘do, try the Geneva Wig for a perfect pixie!


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Rave Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Check out what some of our customers
are saying about us!

“Since hearing from my dermatologist that there’s not much they can do for my hair loss, I’ve depended on Paula Young for all my wig and hairpiece needs. They are reasonably priced, and they make me feel good about myself!”
~Myra, Paula Young Customer and Facebook Friend

“These wigs will make you a new person! I am so very happy with mine. So far I have three and am going to try some hairpieces for summer since it gets so hot…”
~Garrett, Paula Young Customer

“I can’t live without Paula Young. I’ve used her products for nearly 30 years. Highly recommended.”
~Teddy, Paula Young Customer

“I like your wigs. They are a blessing to me after having cancer and the ‘chemo’ taking away all my hair. I like to get new styles and changes in wigs. Thank you Paula Young!”
~Marylea, Paula Young Customer

“I was so surprised at just how beautiful this Cutting Edge Wig by Gabor® is on. Just a shake out of the box and you’re ready to go… Thank you Paula Young!”
~Vicky, Paula Young Customer

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The products you just can’t live without

Once you find the wig that best fits your style, you’re going to want to help it keep its luster. That’s what our Wig & Hair Care section – located under Beauty & Upkeep – is all about!

You see, proper care and maintenance with the right products will extend the life of your wig more than you could imagine! We recommend using products like the Wig Care Kit and 5-pc. Styling Comb & Brush Set to treat, clean and condition your wig, so that it stays looking its very best.

Did You Know?

Did you know that if you wear your wig every day, it should hold for about three months? If you are only an occasional wig wearer, you may get six or- more months of wear. Click here to see if it’s time for you to replace your wig.

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A Letter From Mom This Mother’s Day

Dear <insert your name here>,

So Mother’s Day is just around the corner – Sunday, May 13th. And, as your mother, I must let you know that I have appreciated the handmade cards, the “taking out the trash for free” coupons and the boxed chocolates immensely.


This year (and I’m speaking for every mom, grandmother, aunt and woman in general when I say this), please give us something that truly makes our Mother’s Day BEAUTIFUL.

I can even spell it out for you…

Visit this web site and click on the updated Beauty & Upkeep section. It has a huge variety of products that every mother would love to receive for Mother’s Day (please read that as “get your mother this stuff today”).

The Wig Care Kit is perfect for us moms who wear wigs.

Age spots?  Buy us the Hand and Body Lightening Cream and Lightening Serum.

Sandal Season is upon us. If you buy us the Heel Care Cream our feet won’t embarrass you while we’re in public together.

What’s that you say? You’re sending your mom on an exotic getaway! Thanks so much, and don’t forget to pack me the Bath & Body Travel Bag!

Can’t wait for you to make my Mother’s Day more beautiful than ever!

Love always,

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Which Wig Style Works Best With YOUR Face Shape?

Your face shape is the starting point to choosing a wig that flatters you best. Look in the mirror and find the description that best suits your individual facial features. Then check out our suggestions below:

Long and slender, about the same width at forehead and cheekbones.

Tips: Avoid styles that add height on top. Look for short to mid- lengths, fullness at the sides, soft wispy bangs.

TRY:  Daisy, Genie, Sweet Nothing, or Wisped Away wigs.

Narrow forehead, more fullness at the jawline.

Tips: Add volume above the jawline. Look for styles that frame the face with bangs and full layers on the sides and on top.

TRY: Brussels, Colleen, Elizabeth, Angel, or Ultimo wigs.

Wider at the temples and hairline, narrowing to a small chin.

Tips: Add volume at the chin. Look for chin-length or longer styles with side parts and swept forward layers around the upper face.

TRY: Breeze, Chantal, or Annabella wigs.

Learn more about face shapes here.

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Who is Patricia?

Dear Paula Young customers and blog readers,

Many of you have written in asking who this “Patricia” is who writes the Paula Young blog. That would be me! (Please forgive me for not introducing myself sooner).

For the past 22 years, I have worked for Paula Young wigs. I began my career here as a Customer Service Representative (we may have even talked on the phone!) and have moved my way into the eCommerce department where I can share my tips and trends with you in this blog! Not only am I dedicated employee but, due to medical hair loss, I’m also a wig wearer.

I’ve worn the same wig (love my Angel by Paula Young!) for quite some time. I bring it to my hair stylist every once in a while to change it up a bit – but never anything too drastic.

I adore my job and truly enjoy writing the Paula Young blog. Offering you helpful advice on everything from wig color to wig care is what I do best. I hope you enjoy reading!

Warmest Regards,


P.S. We’ve been working on promotions for our newest wig arrivals and, unfortunately, our blog postings have slowed a bit. Rest assured, that we’ll be back in full swing soon, so be sure to come back and visit often!

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