The Best Hair in America

I was just looking through some of the articles I saved over the summer and this particular article – from – is definitely one I thought you’d be interested in. Hair salons through the U.S. ranked their most requested celebrity styles. See who made the cut then shop our newest arrivals.

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Styles That Will Have You Seeing RED

Red hair, in a variety of shades, is one of the most popular colors in salons today. It is not just a style… it’s a statement.

Check out’s article 40 Iconic Redheads and see what you think. Then shop our selection of red wigs and start turning some heads of your own!

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Top 5 Hairstyles for the Modern, Mature Woman

These age-defying hairstyles are perfect for every woman… every face shape… every age!

5) Like Camilla Parker Bowles look? Check out our Taylor Wig!





4) Channel Helen Mirren’s elegant sophistication with our Harper Wig.





3) Goldie’s locks will look great on you! Try Marlayna today.





2) Get Sally’s sleek style with the Kris Wig by Jaclyn Smith.





1) Kate Capshaw’s style is capture with the Sheer Fascination Wig.

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Celebrity Hair Makeovers of the Year

I recently read an article on the InStyle Magazine website that outlined the best hair makeovers of the year. Check out InStyle’s Summer Hair Trends 2013 article and then shop the best-selling wigs at Paula Young for a makeover of your own!

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Hot Crops to Beat the Summer Heat

Short hairstyles are a great way to beat the summer heat! Stay cool and spend less time fussing with your hair with these pretty crop, pixie and short hair styles.





Get Ashlee’s look.





Get Ginnifer’s look.

Check out all of our short wig styles here!

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9 Wavy Summer Hairstyles

I recently came across an article on that I thought I should share. It featured nine wonderfully wavy hairstyles for you to give a try this summer.

Please take a moment to check out the article and then shop the selection of beautiful wavy wigs at Paula Young today!

Happy summer!


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Great Hair from A to Z

“A is for Affordability” is just the start of what a wig from Paula Young has to offer.” Here’s an a-to-z tutorial on every trend in styling, wig design, products and more.

Affordability – 35 years of making women look their best, for less.

Braids – a big hair trend in 2013, available right here!

Comfort – our Heart of Gold wigs ease discomfort of sensitive skin that results from medical hair loss.

Damage-free Style – wigs protect your natural hair from the damage of UV rays, hair products and more.

Easy-Care Synthetic – cost effective and easy to care for without sacrificing style.

FiberFusion Wigs – the heat-resistant fibers allow you to style just like your own hair.

Gorgeous Grays – from refined salt-and-pepper hues to striking silvers, we have what you need.

Human Hair – these heat-resistant wigs can be curled using hot rollers and styled with a blow dryer.

Instant Beauty – slipping on a wig allows you to transform yourself from ordinary to extraordinary in seconds!

Jaclyn Smith – star-quality wigs and hairpieces at affordable prices.

Kind compliments – you’ll be sure to hear lots of them when you’re wearing one of our wigs!

Lace-Front – these wigs offer a completely realistic looking hairline – even close up!

Monofilament Wigs – have a thin, breathable fabric that allows skin color to show through for a very natural-looking hairline.

Natural choice – we are America’s natural choice for beautiful hair – making every day a great hair day for over 2 million satisfied women!

Olympia – a customer favorite that boasts a 5-star rating!

Pixie – made popular by Mia Farrow in the 60’s this cut has come back with a modern, new look!

Quality – we craft our products with high-quality standard features that make a difference like a breathable stretch cap, durable fibers, easily adjustable sizing and a velvet comfort band.

Radiant Reds – spice up your look with ginger tones!

Satisfaction Guarantee – We want you to love your new wig, so if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for an exchange or refund within 30 days of the original ship date.

Trends – our stylist, Kelly, stays up-to-date on all the trends to offer the best selection of wigs available.

Updos – Check out our Hairpieces & Clip-Ons section for beautiful buns and hairpieces suitable for every occasion.

Voluminous – we have amazing hair integration pieces that offer volume where you need it most. Check out these volumizers today.

Wavy – our selection of wavy wigs offers soft style with a touch of romance.

Xtensions – okay, that spelling may be cheating a bit, but we have hair extensions to instantly add length and volume to your hairstyles!

YouTube – that’s right, you can find Paula Young wig videos on!

Zzz – say goodbye to sleepy hairstyles you’ve got Paula Young on your side!

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One Week, Seven Sensational Styles

Work… school… kids… life! We understand that schedules can get out of control, but your hair can still look perfectly pulled together. Here are some wig styles that will help you stay in control of your beauty even when you don’t FEEL in control!

Monday – Movie Night

Curly Combs Stretch-A-Comb Hairpiece by Paula Young A3334

Tuesday – Business Meeting

Harper Wig by Paula Young A7017

Wednesday – Lunch With Friends

Alex Wig by Paula Young A2719

Throwback Thursday – Go RETRO!

Retro Bun by Paula Young A3534









Friday – Girls’ Night Out


Salsaloosa Hair Wrap









Saturday – Date Night


Sensation Wig by Gabor W1201









Sunday – Running Errands

Abby A5504


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The Universally Flattering Lob

Shannon Wig by Paula Young, #A1136

The Universally Flattering Lob

The lob, or long bob, is the new must-have look for gorgeous hair now. From Jessica Alba to Gwyneth Paltrow to Taraji P. Henson – Celebrities are loving the lob hairstyle! Capture the essence of this best-tressed style with…



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Wigs: Natural versus Synthetic Hair

Wigs: Natural versus Synthetic Hair

One of the biggest considerations in choosing a wig is whether you want to go natural (human hair) or synthetic. The synthetic fibers used in making wigs today look far more realistic than in previous generations, but they can still look less than natural. What follows is a comparison of the pros and cons of both synthetic and natural hair:

How to Tell the Difference:

The easiest way to tell if a wig is made with natural or synthetic hair is to pull a strand out of the wig and burn it. Natural hair will burn slowly and give off a distinctive odor, while synthetic hair will usually tend to melt and/or ball up when placed near flame, depending on the particular composition of the synthetic fiber, or will burn out quickly. In either case, synthetic hair will not give off an odor.

Advantages of Natural Hair Wigs:
    •  more realistic appearance than synthetic wigs
    •  greater durability
    •  the same styling and maintenance requirements as your real hair; can be custom-colored to suit; and can tolerate heat from styling appliances

Disadvantages of Natural Hair Wigs:
    •  it reacts to climate the way your real hair does (may frizz or lose curl in humid weather)
    •  hair must be reset/restyled after shampooing, which can be challenging for someone attempting to do so at home
    •  color will oxidize/fade with exposure to light
    •  hair will break if mistreated by harsh brushing, back-combing or overuse of heat styling
    •  can be heavier than synthetic wigs of similar style/length
    •  recent check for average retail pricing of natural hair wigs show a range from around $150 (US) to over $1000 (US) and higher, depending on style, length, maker, percentage of human hair, and ethnic origin of the human hair used

Advantages of Synthetic Hair:
    •  technological advances have produced modacrylic synthetics (like Kanekalon®) which are so similar in look and feel to protein-rich hair fibers that they can even fool some stylists
    •  a great value; not only are they realistic, but they are less expensive than natural hair; they are also easier to maintain at home; shampooing with cold water will not change the style, nor will exposure to extreme humidity
    •  synthetic wigs tend to be made according to current styles with cut, color and texture already set; usually only needs custom trimming to be ready to wear
    •  color availability is almost unlimited (from natural to fantasy colors); cheapest wig styles tend to be more solid in color, while higher-quality synthetics have blended colors for natural-looking hair
    •  synthetic colors will not fade or oxidize even after long periods in direct sunlight
    •  tend to be lighter in weight, thus more comfortable to wear
    •  recent check for average pricing show synthetic wig prices (retail) ranging from under $50 (US) to over $400 (US), depending on style, length and brand name

Disadvantages of Synthetic Hair:
    •  must avoid extreme heat such as from hair dryers, hot rollers, flat irons and curling irons
    •  traditional hair color will not work with synthetic fibers; recoloring synthetic wigs is not recommended
    •  can appear shiny and unnatural; quality and price affect how natural the hair looks; thick synthetic wigs will look unnatural on fine-haired women

As you can see, there are a number of features that speak for and against each type of wig. The key as a consumer is to figure out what you are looking for from your wig and choose accordingly.

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