Paula Deen Can’t Go Without Her “Snap-ins”

I have known that Paula Deen wears volumizers and extensions since my blog post from February of last year.  But when I came across this YouTube video from a 2009 interview with Rachael Ray, I just had to share it with you ladies.

She emphasizes that everyone “must, must get…some of these.”  So what are you waiting for? Browse our Hairpiece Department today!


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6 Responses to Paula Deen Can’t Go Without Her “Snap-ins”

  1. Cynthia- Thurman says:

    I seen this show on Rachael Ray’s show,
    Paula also mentioned her snaps for he hair had to be special ordered because of the color!
    But I haven’t found Nothing like Paula’s with the FLIP that Paula has, I found Clips with hair on the you just clip into your hair, But Paula calls hers Snaps!
    Where do ya find them!

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Cynthia. If you’d like the clip in extensions to flip like Paula Deen’s, you’ll need to purchase human hair extensions and curl them out. Unfortunately, none of the synthetic styles that we carry have a “flip” like Paula’s.

      • Gigi says:

        I can’t find clip-in hair extensions that will work like Paula Deen’s. The extensions I see are way too wide. Where does she get those little clip-in extensions? Do you have some like that? I don’t see them.

      • mitha says:

        I’ve had baby fine, thin hair all my life, but after age 45, I started shinwog scalp in front, and I can no longer grow bangs at all, even wispy ones. I LOVE hairpieces such as Lite Touch or Modest Touch, and the Hollywood Bangs. I also love my new Rennie wig. I would advise you to try a human hair hairpiece because you can color or highlight it if needed. Also, you might want to go to your stylist with it, and get tips on integrating it with your own hair to give you more confidence in beginning to wear it.

    • Philip says:

      My problem is in fniding a proper color. What would make it a lot easier for me is if in the catalog the color shown in each wig would be given not just those of the exclusive colors. I have so wanted to get one or two in red/strawberry blonde and gray. I have an Abby, but I still don’t know what color she is as someone else picked it out as I showed her the nearest color I liked! I love it and would perhaps even get another style in the same color. I have one swatch pack, but now they don’t seem to be available. I guess I’m a nervous Nellie about it, but on a fixed income, I’ve got to be sure. I just finished chemo in March and I start a new round in a few weeks for a different cancer. It’s late now to get a new one, but if the catalogs would do this, what a help. The web site would be nice, too, but I’d settle for one or the other!!!

  2. Sara says:

    Hi I started wnriaeg wigs about a year ago and have had pretty good luck. Mine is due to a medical condition. It’s been extremely hard psychologically as my natural hair was beautiful and naturally curly, it was always my best feature. Anyway, it helps relieve some of my stress to know that women such as Paula Deen and many other celebrities wear hair pieces and wigs as well. I’ve never hid the fact that I’m wnriaeg a wig, but no one really asks they just say things like, Lovely hair, nice style, etc I won’t buy my wigs from anywhere but Paula Young either. My first wig was purchased through another company with no help at all and the folks at Paula Young have been nothing but helpful to me all along the way. Thanks and many thanks!!! De

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