Perfect Pre-Styled Synthetic Looks for the Women on the Go!

The days of spending countless hours at the salon are over! Take advantage of our pre-styled synthetic looks that will leave you fashionable without all the fuss. This built-in style means a beautiful look every day.

Here are a few pointers:

“Shake ‘n Go!” – The “Shake ‘n Go” method is what it says.  Simply shake and go.  Many wig styles especially shorter ones, need only a good shake and they are ready to wear.

Keep Things Relaxed – Don’t worry about getting last hair perfectly in place.  This can make your wig look less natural.

Don’t Use Heat – Never expose your synthetic wig to excessive heat.  This will damage the fibers.  Do not use heated styling tools and avoid open ovens, grills and radiators.

Bring on the texture – Even though these synthetic styles are good to go with a tousle, you can add even more dimension and shine with gel or hairspray.

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2 Responses to Perfect Pre-Styled Synthetic Looks for the Women on the Go!

  1. Alexandra says:

    I just reveiced mine today & I immediately tried it on. This hair is SO. Pretty. Normally, I’m all against synthetic hair, but to me, this hair feels far more superior than any other synthetic hair wig I’ve felt. I’m VERY satisfied with my purchase.

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