Quick & Easy Wig Styling Tips

For Curly Wigs:
Give the wig a good shake, then gently style the curls with your fingers or a pick comb – not a brush. We suggest the Styling Brush and Pick Comb to go with your curly wig.

For Wavy Wigs:

Brush lightly using short, lifting strokes – just enough to add volume and create body. We suggest using the 5-Pc. Styling Comb and Brush Set with your favorite wavy wig.

For Straight Wigs:

Brush with long, even strokes for a smooth look. Start at the ends and work your way to the roots. We suggest the Static-Free Brush to pair with your straight wig.

For Short Wigs:

Many wig styles, especially shorter ones, need only a good shake and they’re ready to wear. We suggest the Wig Brush for short wigs.

An Important Note About Fiber & Heat:

Human hair wigs can take the heat, but synthetic wigs can’t, so be careful! Never expose a synthetic style to excessive heat (even standing in front of an open oven, or over a hot stove), as this will damage the fibers. Curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers, hair dryers and other heat styling tools should only be used on 100% human hair styles or a heat-friendly fiber blend like VersaFiber® or FiberFusion®.


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