Sarah Palin Losing Her Hair?

The national media is debating reports that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s hair is thinning due to lifestyle stress.  We aren’t going to speculate on Governor Palin’s supposed hair loss, but we do have thousands of customers who have lost their hair due to medical conditions, lifestyle and other stressors affecting their health.  In fact, hair loss is more common than you may think, with 1 in 4 women expected to experience hair loss at some point in her life.  We know this is an extremely sensitive time for women, so Paula Young offers easy and affordable solutions for women who are experiencing thinning hair.  For thinning hair, volumizers are the perfect solution because they add fullness by slipping on over your natural hair.  Or if you’d just like to try a version of the stylish “Palin Up-do”, Paula Young has full coverage wigs and clip-on pieces that actually mirror Sarah Palin’s elegant styles.  Try the Autumn Clip-on or the Presto Change-O for a polished and flattering look.

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