Secrets of a First-Time Wig Wearer

For Kate – a first-time wig wearer – her initial wig experience wasn’t quite what she had expected. But with a little bit of patience and some investigating, she soon discovered some fantastic tips that every first-time wig wearer should know. Check out her guest blog today and get in the know!

Secrets of a First-Time Wig Wearer

By Kate Aldrich

The day my wigs arrived — one long, one short — I couldn’t wait to try them on. I was perfectly happy with my natural hair, but the thought of being able to change up my hairstyle in an instant sounded like so much fun. I’d seen how dramatically wigs could transform a look. And the quality of wigs available nowadays meant I could wear one in public without anyone being the wiser. I was ready to give this whole wig thing a try!

My new-wig excitement lasted about 10 minutes.

I tried the short, blonde wig first. I couldn’t get it situated just right, my long natural hair was all bunched up in the back and I looked, well, weird. I poked my head out of the bathroom and my 11-year old son stopped dead in his tracks. “What are you DOING?” Then he ran downstairs shouting, “Dad, come see Mom. You have to come see Mom!”

Okay, maybe the long, brunette wig would work out better. But first, I needed some how-to advice. I know lots of people wear wigs, yet I don’t notice a lot of people wearing wigs. So I was obviously doing something wrong. I turned to the Paula Young website and voila! A how-to video.

It only took a few seconds for me to spot my first mistake. I needed a wig cap. My second mistake was choosing a wig that was completely different in style and color than my natural hair. The woman in the video had a wig that was same color as her natural hair, and that seemed like a smart choice for a first time wig wearer like me. Finally, I wasn’t holding the front and back of the wig when I pulled it on, which was causing it to pull up.

Take two. The next day, I was completely ready. Wig cap? Check. Wig that’s a similar color to my natural hair? Got it. Proper application technique? Done.

This time when I put the wig on, I could immediately see the difference. It easily went right on over the wig cap and stayed in place. I shook my head a bit and checked in the mirror. Unlike my regular hairstyle, the wig had bangs and you know what? I looked pretty good with them. Who knew?!

I stepped out of the bathroom again, ready to take juvenile ridicule from my son. He looked at me, saw the wig, started to say something, then stopped. I asked him what was up. “That actually looks pretty good.” High praise indeed!

Next, the real test – going out in public. I was worried I would feel like EVERYONE KNOWS. But I was going shopping with a friend and thought it would be the perfect, pressure-free time to debut my new look. I spent extra time getting my wig just right. The better I looked, the better I would feel about venturing out.

When my friend arrived, she knew right away it was a wig. I asked her how she knew. “Kate,” she said, “your hair is long, straight, red and you don’t have bangs. The wig is like, the opposite of your regular hair.” Okay, point taken (she should have seen the short, blonde wig!). So I asked her how it looked. “Well, if I didn’t know you I wouldn’t think anything of it. It just looks like … hair.” More high praise.

To make a long story short (I know, I know!), we went shopping and about an hour into it, I basically forgot that I had the wig on. It felt comfortable, no one pointed and laughed and I decided that next time I got my hair cut I was going to get bangs. I was also dying to try the short, blonde wig on again. You know, now that I was a pro and could handle the difference in styles!

Don’t let being a wig novice hold you back from trying one. They’re fun, easy to use (once you get the hang of it) and are a great way to kick your style up a notch when you go out. Just remember:

–       For your first wig, try one that’s not a drastic change from your natural hairstyle if you’re nervous about what look to choose. You’re changing your style in an instant, so it’s okay to start with smaller changes.

–       Watch the how-to video on It’s less than two minutes and is a great overview.

–       Practice, practice, practice. It took me a while to get all my hair evenly under the wig cap at first. Once I mastered that, the rest was easy.

–       Use bobby pins if it makes you feel more secure. I ended up using a couple, just for peace of mind.

Now that I’ve worn a wig a few times, I won’t hesitate to do it again and to try even more dramatic styles. And I can’t wait for girls’ night out so I can try that blonde wig!

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