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Last October, we held our own breast cancer awareness (BCA) campaign.  We encouraged you, our readers to share your breast cancer stories (read our “‘Think Pink’ Recap” here).  We received over one hundred amazing entries and I was particularly inspired by one of four winners, Carol.

Carol and the other three lucky winners were the recipients of custom wig kits.  When I contacted Carol for her to select the styles she’d like to receive, she wasn’t picky.  She said that she would be holding her “Think Pink” party at the local BCA Support Group meeting and donated the wigs to members of the support group as well as a wig bank.

Carol was kind enough to send us pictures of her “best support group meeting EVER!!!”

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what better way to spread the love than to donate!


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3 Responses to Spread the Love

  1. Nicole says:

    I’m sooooooooo disappointed that ya’ll are discontinuing the Hollywood Bangs. I have receding hairline and thinning top. I’ve tried wigs, volumizers, hairpieces but the Hollywood Bangs are the best thing ever. No hot, uncomfortable wig to wear that slides around when being intimate. I hope ya’ll change your mind and decide to restock them or tell people where to go to get them from the supplier.
    One suggestion is to either add more clips or move the front ones back a bit. It your hair is receding in the front, there won’t be hair to attach the front clips to.

  2. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the suggestion of the Bango Tango Bangs. I may give that a try but the Hollywood Bangs actually extend around the head to also cover the top and sides just a bit kind of like a toupe for a man. That’s what is so great about them. It gives you bangs as well as covers a thinning top without the hassle and discomfort of a wig.

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