Time for Spring Cleaning

Even though spring hasn’t officially started, I’ve already begun my spring cleaning ritual.  This consists of turning my house up-side-down in an attempt to declutter my life.  I have countless bags of clothing, shoes and accessories that are ready to be donated to a few local charities.

My next task will be to go through my collection of wigs and hairpieces.  I do this about three to four times a year since the average lifespan of a wig is about three months (with everyday use).  I donate my gently used wigs to a local breast cancer organization.  They refurbish the wigs and give them to women experiencing medical hair loss. This is a great way to make room for new styles while helping a great cause!

If you are looking for centers to donate some of your gently used wigs, please consider visiting our sister-site Wig.com for more information on how to donate.

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