‘Tis the Season for Holiday Hair

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, family gatherings and company celebrations! You’re holiday outfit won’t be complete without the right hair style. For help creating hair styles that will make you look and feel fabulous, try our hair pieces, clip-ons and volumizers. Add some sparkle with our hair jewels. Transform your day-to-day style with a long-ponytail clip-in. Create an instant up-do with our stretch-a-combs or curl cluster clip-ons.

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8 Responses to ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Hair

  1. Trina says:

    I have several clip-ons in various styles. Going out is a breeze! My own hair goes back and on goes the clip. Sometimes I stick a few baubles in the style and I am ready to go anywhere!

    It seems way too easy and it is. I think I’ve become lazy. Why bother doing my own hair when I can just “grab, clip, and go!”

    I have full wigs, too, which I love to wear on occasion.

    My husband says life with me is never boring!

  2. wanda mckenzie says:

    i need hair pins with decoratiaions on the pin


  3. Linda angell says:

    I just wish you had more longer wigs. The majority of your wigs are short.

    The Gabrielle and Juilianna and great wigs…need a few more in that category..

  4. Annette Bianco says:

    I was looking at the video on how to care for your wigs. The video instructs to swirl the wig in cold water with a capful of wig shampoo. The booklet that came with my wig instructs to turn the wig inside out and then swirl in cold water with shampoo. Then after rinsing turn back and blot dry and air dry. Which instructions should I follow, the booklet or the video?

    Please advise. Thank you

  5. hairsolutionsfortoday says:

    Essentially the instructions are the same. Wash your wig in cold water with a capful of wig shampoo. You can turn the wig inside out to make sure the inside gets clean. Blot with a towel and put on a wire wig stand to dry. Simple!

  6. Elaine Gilligan says:

    I agree, most of your wigs are too short……some are too long……there doesn’t seem to be a happy medium.

    I find the Mykayla the best, altho I do have to take it to a wig salon for cutting & shaping.

    I also like Phoebe…..I have several of both of these.

    Since I started wearing your wigs (breast cancer) my hair has grown back, but I still wear the wigs !

    I love them and have compliments galore and nobody has ever asked me “is that your real hair” ?

  7. Ruth Holdridge says:

    I have ordered several wigs, but find each one too large for me. You have only 3 styes in a mini petite size. Please have more styles in this smaller size. The 3 styles you have available are too short for me.

  8. Juanita Lewis says:

    I like the looks of your wigs. I sent for one and order a large..Large is the biggest size that you have..Do you ever think of making a bigger sizes….Large is to tight on my head….sent the wig back

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