VersaFiber Styles

We are happy to introduce a new fiber to our growing collection…VersaFiber! VersaFiber is a perfect option for those of you who are looking for a happy medium between synthetic and human hair wigs.  These styles are easily blow dried, curled, and styled just like your own hair.  They consist of heat-resistant fibers that are not only versatile, but also affordable with all six wig styles (shown below) available for less than $90, nearly half the cost of human hair.

It was only a couple of months ago that I blogged about my love for bangs and my fear of actually committing to them…needless to say I was thrilled to see the “Tapered Bang” added to the VersaFiber line up.  Don’t fret if you’re more of a hairpiece kind of gal like myself.  We currently have 4 styles to choose from:  the pony, the headband, the wrap, and the bang.

VersaFiber Styles give you the freedom to change your look every day; it’s like a two-for-one deal.  They’re the next best thing to real hair and trust us, they can take the heat!

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4 Responses to VersaFiber Styles

  1. Carol Hughes says:

    I can’t get my versa fiber wig to curl, Is there a special trick to curling?

  2. Hi Carol – Here are some tips:

    1. The recommended curling temperature is around 160C / 320F. However, the temperature should never exceed 180C / 350F as it will damage the fiber.
    2. When curling the fiber with curling iron, carefully slide the curled fiber off the iron.
    3. While holding the warm curl in place, hold it on your hand or pin it with a clip until the fiber cools, and the curl sets.
    4. Once the fiber is cool, release the hair and style as desired.

    Hopefully this helps!

  3. Claudet says:

    Just got my Shannon. I love the fiber! The cap has lumps and bumps that don’t comb flat. The brown color combination looks dirty to me. My perfectly normal ( not overly large) left ear shows through the skimpy hair. I really need something with this fiber but more of it or more evenly distributed. I also need it styled to flatter a rectangular face. U

  4. Reba Conner says:

    Hello, I am interested in buying the VersaFiber wig, by name of Daphne, and I can see that I would definately want to put some curls in it, but I would hope that the curl might stay in it for a few days, or does the curl immediately begin to loosen out?
    Otherwise, I would have to look for a different synthetic fiber which might hold curl, but I do feel better with a heat resistant fiber. . . .Or, perhaps a human hair blended with some synthetic curl might best be recommended ?
    Please reply soon, THANKS !

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