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  1. Joan Smith says:

    I like the idea of having mono-filament wigs to wear, and in youthful styles that I feel good in.

    For most of my life I have hated the thought of wearing any wig that would show my hairline outdoors; mainly when it’s windy.
    I’d be too embarrassed to even try wearing one.

    I started out wearing ponies ( still do ) But my front hairline is getting thinner & thinner & I’m feeling it’s harder to get away with wearing a piece much longer; so I’m now looking at full wigs.

    Thank God, Paula Young wigs are so comfortable or I would never attempt it. I’d just wear a hat all day. That gets pretty hot in the summer tho.

    I’m sure glad I found Paula Young wigs. Without them, I would never go outside sans a hat. I’m not in any way a hat lover though, so this would have limited my life severely.
    I’ve been a customer now for many years & I’ve seen them add & improve their styles regularly.
    I own several that I change off with all the time. I even buy different colors to play with, depending on my mood.
    They’re so inexpensive compared with most other venues I’ve tried. I can afford to buy several.

    These new fibers & styles are fantastic !! I also love the feather-light wigs, since my natural hair is so ultimately fine & thin.
    Who would ever believe the wig on my head was my real hair if it was 3 times thicker than my own ? Nobody, that’s who.
    I’ve been told to never cut my beautiful hair by strangers in the grocery store while I had a Paula Young pony on. This is how great they look. Very natural & with so many colors to choose from, I can always find a good match or near match that looks like I have highlights in my hair to wear.

    I answered the people who complimented my Paula Young hair by saying “Don’t worry, I have no intentions of cutting my hair, I’m keeping it just like it is.”
    If they only knew it was a wig !!
    It just makes me feel good to wear my Paula Young wigs & hairpieces. What else can I say ?

    Keep bringing us more mono-filament styles to enjoy. I want to scoop them all up !!
    They make me feel so pretty & natural. You have gotten me hooked.

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