Where do you get the hair for the wigs?

When you tell people you’re in the wig business, they look puzzled as if they didn’t hear you correctly.  And then inevitably you get a great story about how someone’s mother, aunt, sister wears a wig and loves how it makes her look and feel.  And the next question you get is “where do you get the hair?”  Human hair for wigs comes from girls and women who grow their hair and then sell it.  Sometimes the women grow their hair and sell it to help supplement their family’s income.  Human hair is in short supply so it is more costly than synthetic hair.  Human hair wigs can be styled with a blow dryer or curling iron so it’s versatile.  But it can get frizzy in wet weather and needs more maintenance than synthetic hair.  Synthetic hair is “shake and go.”  That’s the quick summary of where human hair comes from. 

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