#WisdomWednesday: How Do You Care for a Synthetic Wig?

How Do You Care for a Synthetic Wig?

Proper care with Paula Young® wig care products will extend the life of your Kanekalon® synthetic hair wig, keeping it looking fab and feeling fresh. How often you wash your synthetic wig depends on how often you wear it. The general rule of thumb is every 6–8 wearings, or about once a week. Follow these easy steps for washing, drying, styling, and maintaining your Kanekalon® synthetic hair wig:

1. Wash

  • Gently remove tangles using a wide-tooth comb and turn your synthetic hair wig inside out.
  • Soak for 5 minutes in a solution of cold water and a capful of Paula Young® wig shampoo.
  • Swirl gently without rubbing or wringing.
  • Rinse thoroughly in cool water and turn right-side out again.
  • NOTE: Never comb curly synthetic wig styles; instead, gently detangle using your fingers.

2. Dry

  • Move the washed wig to a clean, dry towel and gently blot a few times. Do not rub, wring, or twist your wig.
  • Place the clean synthetic wig on a wig stand made of wire or plastic. Avoid using a Styrofoam® styling head when the wig is still damp, as the cap may stretch.
  • Spritz the clean wig thoroughly with Paula Young® wig  conditioner.
  • Leave the Kanekalon® synthetic hair wig to air-dry at room temperature.
  • NOTE: Never use a blow dryer on a non-heat-friendly synthetic wig!

3. Style

4. Maintain

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