#WisdomWednesday: Which Problem-Solving Hair Piece Is Right for You?

piecesPaula Young® carries a variety of hair pieces specifically designed to solve the problems many women with fine or thinning hair deal with every day. Need to add coverage and fullness to fine or thinning hair on top? Try a volumizer hair piece. Want to replenish the fullness and volume to specific, targeted areas but don’t want to wear a full wig? A wiglet is the perfect choice. Wish you had more length, volume, or texture? Easy-in hair extensions make an instant impact. Looking for a quick and easy way to give your everyday look a put-together finish? A clip-on ponytail is the answer.


Volumizer hair pieces, also known as topper hair pieces, instantly pump up the volume and coverage for fine or thinning hair, giving it a full, vibrant, and youthful-looking appearance. Simply blend a topper hair piece’s natural-looking layers in seamlessly with your own hair to boost body and add coverage starting at the top. Our selection of versatile volumizer hair pieces features a variety of lengths, styles, and fiber types, so whether short, mid-length, or long in easy-care synthetic, super-light WhisperLite®, or heat-stylable VersaFiber®, you can be sure to find an enhancing volumizing hair piece that’s perfect for your needs and for achieving the look you want. Volumizers and topper hair pieces attach securely to your own hair using built-in wig clips and often have integration-style bases with open wefting that allows you to blend your own hair with the hair piece’s fibers for a seamless, flawless look.


Wiglet hair pieces enhance your own thinning hair by adding specific, targeted fullness and coverage exactly where you want it: on the top, crown, front, or back! Available in five coverage options and three fibers—easy-care synthetic, super-light WhisperLite®, and 100% real human hair—you can be sure to find a wiglet that’s perfect for your individual needs. Wiglets attach securely to your own hair using built-in flexible combs and have integration-style bases with open wefting that allows you to blend your own hair with the hair piece’s fibers for a full, flawless, seamless look. Wearing a wiglet hair piece is as easy as 1, 2, 3…simply shake it, place it, and blend it!


Women of all ages and backgrounds are turning to hair extensions to add instant length, volume, texture, and glamour to their existing hairstyles. Hair extensions easily amp up your look and allow you to go from short to long, limp to full and voluminous in a snap. Hair extensions often come in multi-piece kits and attach easily and securely to your own hair using pressure-sensitive clips. Our selection of hair extensions features a variety of lengths in easy-care synthetic and real human hair. Simply clip in for instant impact.


Ponytail hair pieces are fun, fabulous, attach-in-an-instant hair accessories that add polish and flair to your existing hairstyle. In addition, an easy clip-in or wrap-style ponytail hair piece is perfect for when you don’t have the time or inclination to style your hair but still want to look your put-together best. Simply pop on one, and you’re good to go!




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