#WisdomWednesday: Why Choose a WhisperLite® Wig?

#ww1When you wear a wig, you want it too look natural and feel comfortable. You want it to hold its style all day long. You also want the ease and convenience of shake-and-go stylability.

wlwTraditional synthetic wigs can give you all of these things. But our line of WhisperLite® wigs, with our exclusive WhisperLite® synthetic fiber, has even more to offer.

Because they’re a fraction of the width of traditional synthetic fibers, WhisperLite® wig fibers are exceptionally soft, fine, and light, with the look and feel of real hair. This makes our WhisperLite® wigs comfortable and easy to wear all day long with natural-looking, baby-fine fibers that won’t frizz or droop, regardless of the weather!

And, as with all the Paula Young wig styles you love, our WhisperLite® wigs are shake-and-go beautiful…straight from the box!

For a soft, light, comfortable, and natural look, a WhisperLite® wig is the perfect choice. And we’ve got a WhisperLite® style that’s just right for you, whether you want short, mid-length, or long; straight, wavy, or curly; blonde, brunette, gray, or red!


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