#WisdomWesdnesday: Synthetic or Human Hair?

Many women think that human hair wigs will be more natural looking. They fear that synthetic wigs will look…well, “synthetic.” This is not true! Each type of wig has its own unique benefits.

syntheticSynthetic wigs are the most popular type of wig because they require the least amount of care and effort to style. In addition, today’s synthetic wigs offer a wide variety of cuts, colors, and constructions—like lace fronts, monofilament sections, and breathable caps—that have a natural, thoroughly modern look and very comfortable fit.

Shorter synthetic wigs are considered “shake-n-go,” meaning that all you do is give them a shake, put them on, and you look great and are ready to go! Longer styles simply need to be combed or finger-styled. Synthetic hair wigs are easy to pack and take with you, and the fiber is resistant to humidity, so the style holds all day long, no matter the weather.

One thing that’s important to remember is that you never use heat on  a synthetic wig! Any heat source, such as a blow dryer, curling iron, or even a hot open oven can damage the fiber and ruin a synthetic hair wig. The only  exception to this rule is a heat-stylable or heat-resistant wig that is made with heat-friendly synthetic fiber like VersaFiber®. Otherwise, keep your synthetic hair wigs clear of any heat.

To care for and maintain a synthetic hair wig, follow these four steps.

humanSoft, silky, natural-looking human hair wigs are extremely versatile because you can style them as you would your own hair and are free to use heat tools like curling irons, rollers, and blow driers to take your look from straight to curly to wavy and back again!

Because they do not come pre-styled like synthetic hair wigs, natural hair wigs require much more time and effort to style. Human hair wigs are ideal if you enjoy, and are skilled at, styling your own hair. Or you may take a natural hair wig to a professional hairstylist who has experience working with wigs and have your natural hair wig trimmed, styled, set, and even permed or colored.

In addition, premium construction options give an even more realistic appearance to natural hair wigs.  Human hair lace front wigs have natural-looking, virtually invisible hairlines, and human hair monofilament wigs allow for a natural parting and appearance.

To care for and maintain a natural hair wig, follow these five steps.

Remember: You’ll look beautiful whether you choose a synthetic wig or a human hair wig. Just pick the option that best fits your lifestyle and the time you have for styling and maintenance.

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